Thea Selby

M. Thea Selby is a Principal in Next Steps Marketing, a San Francisco boutique firm that solves audience-building challenges in creative, customized way using practical "call-to-action" marketing techniques where the return is clearly measurable by clicks, online sign-ups, responses to direct mail, orders from partners, or sales at newsstand.

She was the 2010 Women's Leadership Conference Chair, is a co-founder and board member of Exceptional Women in Publishing—a national organization dedicated to supporting women in and through the power of online and print media—and is the former CEO and Publisher of Light Green Media, a digital publishing company.

In the world of selling magazines to customers, newsstand is the unpredictable relative, the circulation no one wanted to think about, let alone talk about. Eccentric, hard to get along with, sometimes ravishing, other times completely missing the point. Circulators roll their eyes when talking about newsstand, and say, we just can’t control it.

Thanks to the iPad, single copy sales have risen to an unprecedented estimation in people’s eyes. All of a sudden newsstand, or more appropriately the digital newsstand, is all that.
Why is this? Because iTunes is built on the one-off model.

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