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FUSE Media is a forum for publishing executives to discuss their business strategies and the technologies powering innovation in the media industry today. Each episode, media leaders share their insights, personal experiences, and practical advice with listeners.

Spencer Sloe, Global Head of Ad Product and Innovation at Bloomberg Media, shares insight into the publisher’s suite of digital advertising solutions, including a recently added self-serve mobile ad tool called Boost. “When you look at what is going on in market, the reality is that we’re competing against the Facebooks and Googles of the world, and soon the Amazons of the world,” Sloe says. “The easier we can make it for those advertisers and marketers, the better position we’ll be in to compete.”

We also discuss how the Bloomberg team assesses advertiser needs, as well as takes a data-minded approach to product development. Plus, Sloe shares his outlook for the future of digital advertising with media companies — and what he believes will be the requirements for success.

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