FUSE Media Podcast
FUSE Media is a forum for publishing executives to discuss their business strategies and the technologies powering innovation in the media industry today. Each episode, media leaders share their insights, personal experiences, and practical advice with listeners.

In this episode, Forbes Chief Product Officer Nina Gould explains how technology powers audience discovery and engagement on Forbes platforms, plus how the organization leverages next-gen solutions in the service of staff.

We also discuss Gould's design background — and how it helps her connect the needs of users with those of the brand — as well as Forbes’ “pursuit of first-party data.” Since March 2020, Forbes has launched seven editorial newsletters and grown its subscriber base by 26%. “Our approach from the product side has focused on developing engagement products that incentivize our audience members to sign up for access or register for a free account, in effect exchanging their email, name, and title for an experience or a feature that they value," Gould says.

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