FUSE Media Podcast
FUSE Media is a forum for publishing executives to discuss their business strategies and the technologies powering innovation in the media industry today. Each episode, media leaders share their insights, personal experiences, and practical advice with listeners.

This episode we talk to Will Lee, SVP/Head of Digital for the Meredith Entertainment Group, about how the PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly teams are adapting digital content strategy and driving audience engagement during the pandemic. For instance, EW coordinated a virtual Chuck cast reunion and launched a ‘quaran-stream’ recommendation franchise to provide what Lee calls “a pretty important service, which is to alleviate the crushing boredom of being inside your house all day long.”

We also discuss PEOPLE’s focus on becoming essential to its audience through a combination of service content and celebrity news, as well as monetization of the free PEOPLETV streaming service. Plus, Lee addresses the industry-wide advertising struggle amidst COVID-19 while looking ahead to new ways of scaling products, growing viewership, and attracting marketers. “The pandemic has really given us a real opportunity to assess ourselves as a team … and to be sort of introspective about how we work together and how we can grow this business together,” he says.

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