Today advertisers view themselves as publishers and are creating content to engage prospects and customers with their products. So where do publishers fit in? Sales strategy expert John French says that publishers need to adapt and become audience relationship managers for their advertisers and help funnel new audience to advertisers' content. In this video, French explains how one of his clients has developed an Audience Relationship Management system, in place of a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). The client recognized that they needed to reach current customers and also a wider audience of prospects with ongoing content, webinars, and events. Likewise, publishers must think of themselves as the Audience Relationship Management system for their advertisers, says French, in order to stay relevant in today's media landscape. French is co-founder of French LLC., an advisory firm aimed at helping media executives transforming their companies for a digital- and data-driven world. Have a question about media revenue strategies? Send your question to

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