Editor's Note: Since this video was published, Joe Romello has exited F+W along with other C-level executives. It's important to note that many of the claims Romello makes during the video of his presentation from the FUSE Media Summit have been vigorously contested by former and current F+W employees.  See the comments below for context.

When Joe Romello joined F+W Media as CTO in 2016, the company had 200 URLs, and dozens of newsletters, and a slew of ecommerce sites across a multitude of brands. Romello wanted to consolidate these diverse assets so that F+W Media could create a unified view of the audience and understand how individuals engage with F+W content across platforms and brands. To do this Romello and his team invested in a master data management solution to streamline audience data integration as well as sentiment analysis tools and ecommerce technology that improved the user experience. Year over year, from 2016 to 2017, Romello says F+W increased revenue 200%. At the 2017 FUSE Media Summit, Romello explained how this transformation took place. Romello left F+W in January 2017.

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