To kick off this year’s FUSE Media Summit, Northstar Travel Group CDO Matthew Yorke took the stage to talk about data and the role it plays in today’s media landscape in a keynote presentation titled “How Data & Technology Have Changed What it Means to Be a Media Company.”

Media and advertising, Yorke stressed, has shifted to an audience-based model and media companies must embrace this paradigm to survive. “We have to accept the dynamics of the market in which we operate today where, frankly, a smart, sophisticated customer has an awful lot of data. They’ll have a CRM file and they can upload that, they can target that, they can do lookalike modeling against it, and never even need to come to us.”

Watch the video above for highlights from Yorke's keynote exploring how data and technology are changing the media business. Read the 7 takeaways from Yorke's keynote here.

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