It was inevitable that as digital platforms diversify and proliferate, approaching audiences by channel is becoming increasingly untenable. “There are just too many channels,” says James Slezak, managing partner and founder of New Economy Lab and former VP and chief of operations for NYT Global.

Publishers need to find a better way of delivering their content to the readers that are going to be most receptive to any given media. Slezak suggests that “social graphing” is that better tool that publishers will be able to use to make their content distribution more intelligent, efficient, and effective. The ability to analyze the social graph, directly observing communities that people self-organize into and the clusters of interests and beliefs within them, are powerful weapons for getting the right media and messages to the right people -- a core need for publishers and their advertisers. Slezak explored social graphing and it’s potential impact on the media business at Publishing Executive’s FUSE Media Summit last fall.

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