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The Insiders

Are You Protecting Your Site From Click Fraud?

By now magazine publishers have expanded their properties to the web, providing readers a fast, easy way to access content. Though it provides another funnel to increase readership and sell ad space, it also opens the door to more risks. The harsh reality is that the internet is a breeding ground for fraudsters who constantly scheme of illicit ways to scam publishers and advertisers.



Media Vent

Bob Sacks

Do New ASME Rules Damage Magazine Industry's Integrity?

It seems to me that my opinion on the changes to the ASME guidelines will be in the minority. To me it boils down to integrity: you have it or you don't. 

As an industry we seem to keep diluting our once unimpeachable integrity, whittling at it here and there, until before we know it, we have none.  Native advertising, ads on the cover, editors working hand in hand with advertisers -- where does it end? 



Publishers' Dojo

Linda Ruth

Online Resources You Might Not Be Using, Part 1: Content Analytics

Publishers who have worked in internet marketing since the beginning might remember, as I do, when lots of tedious programming was required for, well, just about everything. Today, with online productivity so template- and tool-driven, I am daily enchanted by the resources that are available to do all sorts of things we once could only dream about. Read More >>


The Digital Market

Thea Selby

Top 5 Trends Affecting App Publishing

This is a great time of the year to look at the top trends of 2014 and gain insights for 2015. Following are five trends -- some new, some continuing - that will impact app development and usage in the coming year. You might just reconsider what operating system, device to prioritize. Or could the BRIC countries represent new audience growth potential? Read More >>


B2B Beat

Andy Kowl

Earned Media vs. Native Advertising: Smart Publishers Find a Path for Advertiser Content

An insidious term has started to be widely used these past couple of years. As publishers, we must stamp out the term "earned media" before it becomes chiseled in stone -- if we're not already too late -- because it devalues what we do. If you have seen it as a line item in marketing plans while advertisers explained they couldn't spend on your publication, you've been burned by earned. Read More >>


Pub Talk

Denis Wilson

Resurgence of Vinyl Should Remind Publishers of Their Core Fans

Last week this article from The Media Briefing about the "resurgence" of vinyl circulated in our offices. Resurgence is in quotes there because vinyl, though experiencing noteworthy growth after being nearly eviscerated by cassette tapes then CDs then iPods and now streaming music, remains a tiny fraction of the overall sales of music. (Note the table in that article showing units sold from early '70s to today.)



Publisher's Paradox

Andrew Davis

Publisher’s Paradox: Your Newsletter Subscribers Are Being Overfed

Charlie Magazine, based in Charleston, South Carolina, isn't asking its readers to subscribe to everything. Instead, Charlie is inviting readers to something very specific. For example, take Charlie's weekly online feature, "Get Happy Hour," Read More >>