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Linda Ruth

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By Linda Ruth

About Linda

Linda Ruth, as president of PSCS Consulting (, offers communication companies worldwide the keys to magazine launches, search engine optimization and audience development online and at retail. She is a pioneer in the fields of Online Audience Optimization (OAO) and gamification for content publishers. Her books, "Internet Marketing for Magazine Publishers" ; "How to Market your Newsstand Magazine"; and "Secrets of SEO for Publishers" can be found on Amazon. Find her online at Google PlusMagazine Dojo, LinkedIn, and Twitter @Linda_Ruth.


Media Vent

Bob Sacks
Stats on Magazine Launches Are Irrelevant & Misleading
Jul 2, 2015

My friend Samir Husni has penned a short essay and complaint about "numbers" used in our industry for purposes of...

Marketing Services Lab

The Marketing Services Lab
3 Ways To Tell The Content Marketing Boom Spells Revenue Growth for Publishers
Jun 30, 2015

Last week Publishing Executive announced the launch of the Publishing & Media Labthat we will host at the 2015 Content Marketing World conference this...

B2B Beat

Andy Kowl
Content is Money
Jun 12, 2015

Most of the publishing world says Content is King. The publishers at SIPA say Content is Money. The annual conference...

Industry Insiders

The Insiders
Apple Throws Publishers Another Curve Ball
Jun 9, 2015

The relationship between Apple and the magazine publishing industry has been acrimonious since the launch of the iPad in 2010...

The Digital Market

Thea Selby
4 Takeaways from the New Apple App Analytics
May 26, 2015

One of the lesser-known facts about magazine apps is that publishers can glean very little information about them and how...

Pub Talk

Denis Wilson
Resurgence of Vinyl Should Remind Publishers of Their Core Fans
Feb 3, 2015

Last week this article from The Media Briefing about the "resurgence" of vinyl circulated in our offices. Resurgence is in quotes there...

Miniaturize & Simplify, Solutions to Publishers' Mobile Problem

As many publishers have found, providing a magazine experience on a mobile app and getting people to engage with it regularly can involve some heavy lifting. So publishers are turning to other functionalities in hopes of discovering the keys to monetizing mobile content.


Companies Mentioned:

MagFinder: A Newsstand App for Print Publications

Publishers and readers, rejoice. Newsstand now has a digital app of its very own.

It's called MagFinder, and its function is found in the name. It enables a potential customer to find where a magazine is on sale at any store in that customer's geographic location.


How To "Onboard" Your Audience

Publisher should act as "mentor" or "guide" to new audience members that arrive at their sites. Whether or not you are familiar with the concept of "onboarding," you are likely practicing at least some of its strategies in your online business. Onboarding is a useful concept that has migrated from human resources to games creation. Applied in a conscious and intentional way to the creation of publisher websites, it can be extremely helpful in clarifying and achieving site goals.

In the

... 

Online Resources You Might Not Be Using, Part 1: Content Analytics

Publishers who have worked in internet marketing since the beginning might remember, as I do, when lots of tedious programming was required for, well, just about everything. Today, with online productivity so template- and tool-driven, I am daily enchanted by the resources that are available to do all sorts of things we once could only dream about.  Read More >>

Companies Mentioned:

Revisiting Mequoda’s Multiplatform Media Strategy

The Mequoda Group consults for publishers in the areas of content marketing, multiplatform product development, and strategic revenue optimization. Their business model, a robust combination of free and paid content, supplemented by workshops and publishing summits, is in itself a case study of the so-called "Mequoda Method," which Don defined and pioneered.  Read More >>


How to Look at Your 2014 Sales

So far I have spent 2015 deep in analyses of publishers' sales in 2014 and before. That probably puts me in company with every other audience development person in our business. There are many circles that might never be closed -- issues with zero sale in certain chains due to unrecorded sales; issues with 100% sale in other chains due to unrecorded returns. Issues that exist as a  Read More >>

TNG: Working with Publishers to Rebuild Sales

Given what she's been up against for the past year, it's amazing that TNG's Ingrid Jakabcsin finds time to meet with publishers.

With the May, 2014 demise of Source Interlink, which represented roughly one third of all magazine newsstand business in the US, TNG (formerly The News Group), already North America's largest magazine distributor, had to double its capacity, almost literally overnight. With trucks lined up on the highways to get into the depots, the pressure on receiving and

... 

Nook’s VP of Marketing on “Delivering An Experience” on Ereaders

I spoke with Jeanniey Mullen, VP of Marketing for Nook. Jeanniey spent five years developing and marketing Zinio's award-winning digital magazine newsstand. She took from that experience a deep understanding of what drives people to read digitally, the trends in digital reading, and the expectations and rewards that support the ereading experience.


Companies Mentioned: