Today media salespeople need to be data-savvy because selling data about one's audience is critical to most advertising deals. Whether publishers offer lead generation or industry research, advertisers are looking for more powerful ways to connect with consumers and businesses.

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  • Wally

    Very interesting points made in the video. While I am puzzled by terms like “big data”(I understand it I just don’t agree with it) the selling of data can become a very slippery slope in the legal realm. As terms of service agreements are often overlooked it can lead to legal action. More so I think the sales of data itself is still missing the mark. The value and the true sales professional will interpret and explain the meaning of the data. I use the term translation. The value is in the meaning of the numbers facts and figures. The same data set can mean entirely different things to different segments. Thus it must be translated several times and presented in different ways.