Heather Fletcher

Heather Fletcher

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Amazon Retargeting to Challenge Google

Amazon retargeting may happen soon, taking on Google for market share. Amazon is testing the product with “select merchants” this month

3 Gmail Changes: What You Need to Know

Gmail is going to look very different, very soon. Gmail changes are coming to the web version of the email option, making it look more

Google Links Ads to Brick-and-Mortar Sales

Many marketers had their doubts about whether digital ads were worth the money they were paying, because they didn’t have the “last click” of the brick-and-mortar sale. Now, Google is linking that sale to the ad touchpoint, the search giant revealed last Tuesday. “Attribution” isn’t exactly a sexy term to marketers, but “sales,” “revenue” and…

Budgeting in Uncertain Times

One of the scariest phrases a magazine publisher will ever utter about a budget is, "I don't know." But more and more publishers are becoming comfortable with those words for 2010.

Boost Event Revenue: 10 Tips From the Pros

In July, following its Open Government & Innovations (OGI) Conference in Washington, D.C., Falls Church, Va.-based 1105 Government Information Group wanted to keep the event's momentum going. The event had been tweeted about 4,423 times, making the conference's hashtag, "#ogi," the No. 4 trending topic on Twitter during the event. So, 1105 decided to create a "TweetBook"—a compilation (in PDF format) of all the tweets—which conference attendees could download from the OGI Web site after the event.

Finding Success at The Source

In August 2008, at a time when many magazines were folding, L. Londell McMillan—an entertainment lawyer, real estate developer and part owner of the New Jersey Nets—snapped up the ailing brand The Source with plans to revamp the New York-based "Bible of Hip-Hop Music, Culture and Politics." He went to work quickly. By December, McMillan's efforts had won back major advertisers such as Sony, Warner Music Group, the Army and the Navy. In February, the magazine announced that it had eliminated $3.75 million in outstanding debt—a sum that McMillan, who is co-owner and executive publisher of The Source, personally secured in financing to free the brand from this burden.