John Parsons

John Parsons

John Parsons (, former Editorial Director of The Seybold Report, is an independent writer, ghostwriter, and editor. He is the co-author of the interactive printed textbook, Introduction to Graphic Communication, on the art, science and business of print, which has been adopted by Ryerson, Arizona State, the University of Houston, and many other schools and vocational training centers. Custom editions of the book are under consideration by major printing companies and franchises for internal training purposes.

Buyer's Guide: Diversifying Revenue with Video, Webinars, and Events

Publishers and advertisers are storytellers by profession. Increasingly, they are required to "show" as well as "tell" their story to their audience members. Video, webinars, and events allow publishers to do this, all while extending the engagement they've cultivated in print and online.

Buyer's Guide: How to Choose the Right Digital Magazine, CMS & DAM Vendor

Implementing a viable digital publishing strategy requires a successful combination of relatively unfamiliar technologies, mostly from outside service providers. This section will help publishers find the right partners for creating and managing multi-channel content, and for storing the images and other assets used by both editorial and advertising workflows.

For Advertisers, Will QR Codes Blend the Print-Mobile Experience?

Ignoring Harold Ramis’ (playing Dr. Egon Spengler) dire warning: "Don't cross the streams," advertisers are daily crossing the streams of media experience, combining Internet and mobile interaction with more traditional fare―most notably television. Whether our brains can really handle the cascade is an unanswered question, but there is no turning back; consuming one media while interacting with another is “in.” 

The App’s The Thing

As the iPad frenzy continues, magazine publishers are once again headed for the gold fields of digital editions (or DEs). Last week, Time launched a splashy — and expensive — iPad edition, and Zinio’s reader has become the #1 free app for the iPad, to name only two examples. Apple has left itself vulnerable to an Android/Flash counterattack, but the DE 2.0 bubble has clearly begun. Not everyone will survive.

Adobe Creative Suite 5 to Break Apple’s Anti-Flash Blockade (Sort Of)

Adobe’s upcoming launch of Creative Suite 5 will be of particular interest to content creators within multiple publishing disciplines. I’ll explain what I mean in detail — when the wraps come off on April 12. However, I’m not breaking my NDA by discussing one fascinating tidbit: Flash Professional CS5 will let you create iPhone and iPad content. While it’s not the breakthrough that Flash addicts were hoping for, it’s a start.

How to Create a 'Smart Ad'

As the new generation of e-readers emerges, how can advertisers distinguish their electronic offerings from the expected wave of obnoxious, pop-up-like ads (without going broke)?