Michael Korsunsky

Michael Korsunsky

Michael brings 20 years of digital experience to MGID, the native performance network, where he currently serves as chief executive officer of North America. Michael is responsible for overseeing the company’s strategy to elevate its status as a pioneer in native advertising and ensure continued growth. Prior to MGID, Michael served as senior vice president at AUDIENCEX, an adtech and marketing company that delivers end-to-end digital solutions for brands and agency partners. Before AUDIENCEX, Michael held executive positions with a variety of organizations including gaming publisher Legacy Interactive, intelligent traffic monetization platform T3Leads and global fashion e-commerce company Modnique.

New Year, New Law: How Publishers Can Prepare for CCPA

On Jan. 1, publishers will wake up with more than a champagne-induced headache and an unachievable New Year’s resolution – they will have an additional data privacy law to comply with in the form of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). With the regulation still being finalized, and some ambiguous provisions open to interpretation, many…

What Google’s Switch to First-Price Auctions Means for Publishers

The second-price auction played a starring role in making programmatic a $48 billion industry, but Google’s first-price switch means the model could be facing its final curtain call. After years of issues caused by header bidding and sequential auctions, Google has moved away from second-price auctions to increase transparency. Here is what publishers need to…