Profit from Publishing!

Thad Kubis is an unconventional storyteller, offering a confused marketplace a series of proven, valid, integrated marketing/communication solutions. He designs B2B or B2C experiential stories founded on Omni-Channel applications, featuring demographic/target audience relevance, integration, interaction, and performance analytics and program metrics.

I finally came up with the solution to the main problem facing magazines and newspaper publishers today.  Currently, most publications are two-faced, in a good way of course. One face is the print version while the other is the digital or online version. The print face was once smiling J and is now sad L, with the digital face now smiling J, but for how long?

Could it be that all media, legacy or emerging, or even media that are not yet on the table or still on the horizon, will, as many predict, become one single media source that we have yet to recognize-a media source that will be fully transcendental, convergence of method, message, relevance, desire, delivery, and result?

Publishing, like other industries, is undergoing massive shifts in perception and use. Many publishing professionals look to their own devices for solutions, some to others (internal and external), and some to no one. It is time to look to the past, address your fears, and learn from the intrepid explorers of the golden day of discovery.

As I have stated in this space, there are many faces to convergence — Media, Vertical, Practices, and, yes, People. You cannot expect anyone to support your business if you do not focus on the customer and, in our fast-moving world, keep your customer close and informed.

Here are two different events that support the concept of customer convergence with a singular focus on the customer — now and in the future.

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