Publisher's Paradox

Instead of sending your audience passive content, send your audience something they can take action on. If you read last week's Publisher's Paradox, you're already working on a way to leverage the personal power of your journalists to build a deeper relationship with the audiences they garner. Now, take it a step further.

The Paradox: Every publisher is interested in defining a successful mobile strategy while we still haven't mastered email.

Let's be honest, in the magazine publishing world our email strategies are pathetic. Sure, there are a few standouts in the business, but the vast majority of emails I receive from the publications I love haven't changed in the last decade.

The Paradox: While publishers are desperate to be more "social" they ignore their biggest "social" asset: their journalists.

Put the Social back in Social Media
In the social media world, everyone has an audience. Your journalists, your editors, your sales staff, your CEO, all have the ability to attract fans, followers and friends. In the social media world, fans, followers, and friends are all versions of a subscription. Your "subscribers" have opted-in to your status updates, shared links, photo posts, and video shares. 

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