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Remote Control
October 1, 2002

In honor of one of Reader's Digest's most enduring features, "It Pays to Increase Your Word Power," PrintMedia offers the following quiz (the answer is below): Coadjute: A. Cohabitate B. Conspire C. Colocate D. Cooperate For the better part of a century, Reader's Digest has wended its way into homes and communities across the globe. Like the magazine's "It Pays to Increase Your Word Power," it pays for the production staff at Reader's Digest Association, the magazine's parent company, to coadjute (answer: D. cooperate). In addition to producing 48 editions of the magazine in 19 languages and selling it in more than 60 countries,

Preflighting Made Painless
September 25, 2002

When designers hear the word preflighting they generally think root canal because of the slow and tedious process, notes Joseph Schorr, senior product manager at Extensis, developers of PrintReady, a Web-based preflighting system. To help ease the pain Extensis created PrintReady, a complete quality control file delivery solution that provides designers publishers and printers with a time-saving solution for preparing, collecting and sending print-ready files. PrintReady detects potential problems during preflighting, Schorr says, such as embedded fonts and missing images, before the printer receives the files. "PrintReady goes through a Quark file and pulls out all of the information-resolution, the image path, what fonts

Creo Packs Workflow Solution for Printers
August 15, 2002

The benefits of a packaging workflow solution that streamlines the step-and-repeat process can be summed up in three words - "It just works," says Scott Gilbert, prepress manager of Montage Press in Irwindale, CA. Gilbert is referring to Brisque Pack, Creo's newest development to join the Brisque workflow family. Gilbert says using Brisque Pack has saved Montage Press valuable processing and correction time as well as network capacity. The company devotes its packaging work to video and audiocassette boxes. Brisque Pack automates time-consuming manual steps, Gilbert says, which frees the network from processing large packaging files and cuts down on the correction time "since

Sharing Made Easier
August 9, 2002

"This is a significant development in the document management and on-demand print industry," says John Lyons, chief executive officer of Mimeo, a leader in on-demand print services whose company has just released DocCenter, a new document management system that allows organizations to post content to a centralized digital location and provide multiple-user remote access for printing and next day delivery. As a universally accessible Internet-based document management system, DocCenter eliminates costly warehousing of documents, time consuming trips to the local print center and inconsistent quality of decentralized printing locations. "DocCenter provides customers with an innovative way to store, share, print and distribute documents, providing

Coming to America
July 19, 2002

The latest offering to the sheetfed printing market from Komori, the Lithrone S40 (LS40), has landed on U.S. shores having made its world debut in March. The LS40 features console driven makeready, an inking system that controls all ink aspects to provide consistency between operators, and a standard double diameter cylinder configuration. With the LS40's advanced automated makeready features, press operators can program makeready functions from the press console eliminating downtime between jobs, a company statement said. "We're looking forward to introducing this new press to printers in the US and Canada," says Stephan Carter, president and chief operating officer of Komori America, which will distribute

CIM Facilitates Workflow Component Connections
July 8, 2002

As a system provider, Yves Rogivue is a man of many opinions, and that the future of integrating the production processes that constitute printing rests with computer integrating manufacturing is one of them. As one of the topics debated at a special session of Connect 2002- Printcafe's annual users conference, Rogivue, chief executive officer of MAN Roland Inc., views the Internet as a fantastic communications device, but says CIM becomes a component of the production process when it reaches the prepress suite, bindery or pressroom. Addressing an audience of 700 printing professional in Las Vegas, Rogivue explained all CIM requires in the printing process is

Cross Border Chomper
July 8, 2002

Jaws is finally being released in Canada. No, not the movie version that kept summer vacationers out of the water 25 years ago, but the PDF product line from Global Graphics Software. Available in the U.S. since 1994, the company recently entered into an agreement with EMJ Data Systems of Guelph, ON, to distribute its suite of software tools that make creating, manipulating, distributing and printing files in a standard PDF easier and with less training time. Global Graphics develops and supplies high performance RIPs, PDF document, workflow and color solutions to a customer base of original equipment manufacturers, including digital pre-press systems, large-format

Smart Managing
June 24, 2002

A new software program from Konica Business Technologies makes managing documents composed in different applications easier for centralized reprographic departments, thus facilitating their print jobs. The program called ePware allows reprographers to easily manage prepress documents without changing their current workflow processes. Through ePware printers create a work palate where documents created in Word, Quark Xpress or Adobe are pulled together into one file. Compatible with any scanning-enabled Konica printer/copier, ePware makes it easier to combine documents into Adobe Acrobat PDF files. The "drag and drop" interface uses editing functions such as dividing, rotating, copying, deleting and binding in file or page

CMP Media Gets RIPed with Rampage Systems
June 1, 2002

Last year was a tough one for magazine publishers, as ad pages declined 17.2 percent from the prior year. And when top line revenues drop, production managers are expected to shore-up the bottom line. With what now seems like uncanny foresight, CMP Media ( was already moving into high gear on a plan to reduce costs by bringing final page output in house. According to Prepress Director Elizabeth Wimmer, they had been thinking about RIPing pages in-house for several years. CMP Media, a subsidiary of UK-based United Business Media, publishes 39 periodicals out of three production centers, operates numerous Web sites and

Digital Ads--The Time Is Now
March 1, 2002

Publishers don't have to be Time Inc. to to make the move towards digital ad exchange. With the wealth of information and tools readily available, film should well be eliminated. All that's needed is education, cooperation and communication. Turning exception into the rule Alan Darling, COO/CTO, Quality House of Graphics and DDAP (Digital Distribution of Advertising for Publication) chairman, admits that he's distressed over the volume of film that still exists in many advertiser/publisher relationships. The prepress suppliers are plagued with it, too. It's not unusual that as much as 50 percent of the work currently contracted out to prepress suppliers are film jobs.