Amazon Kindle

Washington Post releases free app for Kindle in first collaboration with Amazon
November 21, 2014

In recent months, The Washington Post has been worried about reducing "cognitive overhead." The phrase, borrowed from its new owner, the billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, refers to the number of decisions or actions readers must make before getting what they want. The principle was a driving force behind Amazon's one-click buying system. And it is one of the guiding ideas for a new app introduced on Thursday that will deliver The Post to some Amazon Kindle tablet owners free.

Philadelphia Magazine Launches Successful True Crime Ebook
September 19, 2013

The cover story of the September issue of Philadelphia magazine will live long after its days on the newsstand. Following other magazines that are looking for new outlets for bread-and-butter long-form journalism, the Philly lifestyle publication took a gripping true crime narrative by veteran journalist Lisa DePaulo and published it as an ebook. The ebook will be available in Kindle, Nook, iBooks and other formats.

'Argo' Author Launches Longform Journalism Platform Backed by Medium
August 13, 2013

Two prominent industry veterans are bringing longform journalism to a new outlet online. Joshuah Bearman, a magazine writer who wrote the feature story in Wired that was adapted into the movie Argo, and Wired contributing editor Joshua Davis, unveiled a new longform journalism platform on Monday called Epic, which aims to publish non-fiction page-turners with an eye toward helping writers profit from supplementary revenue streams. "They are trying to build a model for longform journalism where the revenue generated over the entire life of a story," the New York Times reported,

Pixelmags Goes Down Under to Partner With Nextmedia
May 9, 2013

PixelMags Inc., a world leader in magazine content distribution, is excited to expand their selection of Australian magazine titles with the signing of Nextmedia across all their digital platforms.

As Android tablets grow, publishers struggle to match the iPad experience
April 8, 2013

When the IDC forecast this month that Google’s Android operating system would soon surpass Apple’s iOS in tablet market share, publishers of digital magazines could be excused for some handwringing.

Since 2010, Apple’s dominance of the market allowed publishers to reach the majority of the tablet audience by targeting just one device: the iPad. But times have changed.

Thirty-one percent of American adults now own tablets, according to Pew. Much of the growth in the market is being driven by device proliferation, and many of these devices run Android.

How many magazines are being sold on tablets?
January 25, 2013

I’ve been away from the digital magazine world for a half year, and have just started to dive back in. What do I find? Distressingly little information about the digital magazine industry, a plethora of tablets with software all doing different things, and strategies that couldn’t be further apart for taking advantage of this nascent industry.

Are the NFL and Digital Publishing Headed in Opposite Directions?
November 12, 2012

Phoenix-based MVP Media LLC just launched what it says is the first iPad-exclusive national sports magazine, MVP Magazine, with a cover bound to capture the attention of any football fan. The inaugural cover story, "The NFL is Dead," considers the myriad challenges faced by the league, and whether they are potentially fatal. It's old-school magazine stuff in a new frame, begging the questions: Why iPad only? and Why now?

Zeen Streamlines Digital Magazine Publishing
August 28, 2012

It's a heartbreaking time to be a magazine fan. The past decade has been a death march for pulpy newsstand publications. The Internet, the rise of digital media, and the expensive economics of printing have combined to make traditional magazines look like dinosaurs.

Ironically, digital publications are trying to emulate the media that they are ultimately replacing. One prime example is Zeen, a new do-it-yourself digital magazine publishing website that attempts to blend the aesthetic appeal of paper with the multimedia fun of the Internet.