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This: Why Atlantic Media Is Funding a Social Platform for Sharing Links, One at a Time
August 22, 2014

By now, you might have heard that Atlantic Media's Andrew Golis is incubating a small social network inside the company. Golis came to Atlantic Media as entrepreneur-in-residence a little over a year ago, eventually taking over The Wire as general manager in January. But for the last two months, he's been working on This, a social network that only lets users share a single link a day. (For more on that name, check out Kyle Chayka's "A History of This^, #This, and This." And though it officially uses a period at the end of its name - This. - come on.)

For Email Newsletters, a Death Greatly Exaggerated
July 3, 2014

Here at the Media Equation, we pride ourselves on keeping our readers abreast of the newest technologies and approaches in reaching audiences. So it gives us great pleasure to reveal a radical publishing technology that is catching on in news media companies big and small. Ladies and gentlemen, behold: email.

The New Bloomberg Media
July 2, 2014

Late last July, Smith was named chief executive of Bloomberg L.P.'s media group, hired away from Atlantic Media, where he was credited with leading that company's transformation from antique print object to 21st-century digital success story. Nearly 12 months and about as many ears-full of strategy jargon later, Bloomberg employees are eager to see some of Smith's behind-the-scenes initiatives come to life.

They'll have to wait a few months longer: Capital has learned that media group employees were informed last week that the first in a planned suite of "digital-led multi-platform brands," a politics site being developed by

Seeking Engagement, Media Firms Toss Readers The Keys
June 23, 2014

On April 24, during an all-hands meeting at Gawker Media's SoHo headquarters, founder and publisher Nick Denton was extolling the virtues of Kinja, his proprietary publishing platform that allows readers to participate in the company's editorial sausage-making.

Kinja is essentially a next-level commenting system that breaks down the barriers between writer and reader by enabling the latter to drive conversations around stories on Gawker and its sister sites. That could mean surfacing tips to be reported and vetted in public. It could mean writing alternate headlines and display copy.

The Mobile Majority: Engaging People on Smartphones Is The Next Big Challenge to The News
June 17, 2014

It almost seems unfair - a case of double jeopardy.

Traditional news organizations have spent the past decade responding to an enormously disruptive piece of technology: the web browser. Their old monopolies, their old claims on the audience's attention, were broken by a platform that let anyone publish - no printing press or broadcast tower required. The impact on their business models, particularly at newspapers...well, you know all about that.

But just when news organizations were starting to feel more at home on the web - just when, in many newsrooms, digital was no longer being

1. Destroy the Village. 2. Save it.
May 2, 2014

Are we living in the golden age of digital media? It certainly looks that way to Ken Lerer. Venture capitalists like him have poured close to $100 million into digital content businesses since the beginning of 2013, by my calculations. Corporate investors have thrown in about the same amount, bolstered by the $70 million Rupert Murdoch put into Vice Media last August. Then there’s Pierre Omidyar’s down payment of $50 million on a bigger pledge of $250 million for his would-be new media chain, First Look Media, putting him in a class by himself. 

LinkedIn Woos Brands as Publishers
April 24, 2014

LinkedIn is often the forgotten giant of the platforms world. With more than 57 million unique visitors in the U.S. in February 2014 and a healthy business, it is now ramping up its efforts to attract marketers to embrace "always-on" publishing there.

The business network hopes to encourage companies to create their own "brand journalism" initiatives - and then pay LinkedIn to promote and target their stories. 

Justin Smith’s Plan for Where Bloomberg Media Goes Next
March 20, 2014

It has now been 100 days since former Atlantic Media CEO Justin Smith took over as CEO of Bloomberg Media. He has used that time to craft his vision for where Bloomberg goes next.

In Smith's eyes, Bloomberg Media's opportunity is immense. It has unique advantages others do not: an entrepreneurial culture, global reach and, not least, the cash cow of a terminals business that affords it a long-term orientation. Smith sees Bloomberg Media

Adobe Combines Digital Publishing Suite, Experience Manager
February 27, 2014

The technical side of publishing digital magazines and their associated Web sites and apps is getting a little easier courtesy of Adobe, which is combining Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to allow publishers to more easily manage design, format and other creative assets across different channels, including desktop, smartphones and tablets.
Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe's Web content management platform, offers Web designers a central repository of creative assets including text, video and audio, along with tools for customer acquisition via the Web,

Jason Calacanis Launches Inside, A Mobile News-Curation App Powered by Humans
January 28, 2014

Jason Calacanis, the man behind media startups like Mahalo and Weblogs Inc., has his sights set on a new frontier that he thinks could be as promising as blogs were in the early part of this decade: namely, mobile content curation. On Tuesday, he and former Atlantic Wire editor Gabriel Snyder are launching a new iOS app and websitecalled Inside that Calacanis says will give users access to the best journalism and media on the web, powered by human editors.