Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC)

Condé Nast Seeing Success With GQ App
January 22, 2010

Condé Nast filed the first sales results for its December GQ issue app via the Audit Bureau of Circulations' (ABC) Rapid Report, indicating the app was downloaded 6,641 times. Each download counts toward the total circulation of the December issue.

"How Publishers Are Preparing for the Burgeoning Mobile Market" Released on iPhone
January 12, 2010

Many print publishers are focusing on the mobile market as an opportunity to expand their brands, reach new audiences and generate additional revenue.

Similarly, advertisers are funding mobile marketing initiatives to take advantage of the medium’s immediacy, engaged audiences and location-based targeting potential.

ABC recently surveyed its U.S. and Canadian newspaper, magazine and business membership to learn more about publishers’ current mobile initiatives, their strategic plans, and ABC's potential role.


Bonnier Corp. Titles Sign On to ABC’s Rapid Report
February 1, 2008

Bonnier Corp. announced this week that Parenting, Popular Science, Field & Stream and Outdoor Life will be joining the Audit Bureau of Circulations’ (ABC) Rapid Report system beginning with their first issues of 2008. Rapid Report allows publishers to voluntarily report their top-line circulation data on an issue-by-issue basis within weeks of the on-sale or non-paid distribution date, arming advertisers and ad agencies with timely access to up-to-date circulation data. “In this ever-changing media landscape, it is imperative for magazines to respond to the industry’s need for more frequent reporting of circulation data,” says Terry Snow, Bonnier’s CEO. “By committing our largest-circulation titles to

The Digital Edition: Heading Toward Its ‘iPod Moment’?
October 1, 2007

When approaching the subject of digital editions—those e-publications that preserve print layouts in a user-friendly format, often enhanced with embedded multimedia features—an obvious question comes to mind: What can this platform offer a publisher that a good Web site cannot? “That’s the question we get all the time,” says Cimarron Buser, vice president of marketing and product planning at Southborough, Mass.-based Texterity Inc., who recently pioneered a digital publishing solution for the Apple iPhone. “We know that the way people read Web sites is different from the way they read magazines,” says Buser. “Web sites are more episodic; there’s a lot of

ABC Approves Consolidated Media Report for Consumer Mags
November 17, 2006

Reflecting a rapidly changing media industry, the board of the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) agreed to allow consumer magazines the option to report print circulation, Web site traffic, and other auditable media in one aggregated-gross figure summarized on a Consolidated Media Report. ABC launched a similar report for business publications in July. However, at its recently completed meeting, the board agreed to use a new term, “Total Contacts,” to describe this group, replacing the “Total Audience Reach” label previously in use. ABC also modified sponsored sales rules for consumer magazines. Beginning in January, new sponsorship programs must inform the magazine recipient who the sponsor/purchaser

Can Co-Distribution Save You Money?
August 1, 2005

One of the biggest changes in the publication printing industry today has been in mailing. Mailing used to consist of applying customer-furnished labels to the publications, and printers would drop them into the closest Bulk Mailing Center (BMC). As the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) created more complex sortation rules and subsequent pricing structures, printers have begun offering services to take advantage of potential discounts for their customers. You've most likely heard printers offering savings through co-palletizing or co-mailing, or even co-mingling. These "co-distribution" strategies attempt to combine different publications/mail together to reduce postage costs and increase discounts. Co-Palletization In co-palletizing, the mailer places

ABC Strengthens Sponsored Sales Rules for Consumer Magazines
July 1, 2005

Approves New Formats for Magazine and Newspaper Publisher's Statements, Disqualifies Circulation from EBSCO and InFlight Agent Programs Schaumburg, Ill. (July 19, 2005) - The Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) announced several significant decisions reached during its board of directors meeting held July 13-16, 2005. Continuing its focus on rules review and revision begun in 2004, the board unanimously voted to strengthen the rules governing how third-party consumer magazine sponsor programs may qualify as paid circulation. Beginning with issues dated January 2006, publishers must receive payment at a qualifying price "net of all other considerations," including agent marketing and distribution fees. The board also

Circulation Bureau Revamps Auditing Practices
August 1, 2004

The organization responsible for auditing circulation numbers that newspaper and magazine organizations report has censured three newspapers and reevaluated its auditing practices in response to recent reporting errors. The Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) censured Newsday and Spanish language daily, Hoy, both owned by the Tribune Co., a and the Chicago Sun Times, owned by Hollinger International Inc. for falsifying circulation numbers and toughened penalties for newspapers and magazines who do stretch figures, making it a riskier proposition for publications to exaggerate. ABC conducts newspapers and magazines audits once a year, and either verifies or adjusts the numbers that are reported, says Martha