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Stylish By Design
May 1, 2013

We’ll call it the Gwyneth era, the recent exciting period of growth and change at Harper’s Bazaar. It kicked off with the March 2012 redesign, which included a one inch wider trim size, higher quality paper and a splashy new interior with dramatic type treatments designed by Robin Derrick, Former Creative Director of British Vogue and Executive Creative Director of Spring Studios.

The Atlantic Unveils a Redesigned Look
February 22, 2013

The March 2013 issue of The Atlantic, out today, reveals a redesigned look, cover to cover, that is a powerful visual statement of the magazine's commitment to provocative ideas. Only nine times before has the 155-year-old magazine undergone such a thoroughgoing transformation, this time led by Creative Director Darhil Crooks.

Paper Buying Checklist
February 22, 2002

Paper buying can be a cost-effective endeavor by keeping a few issues at the forefront of every purchase. The following is a list of helpful hints for saving money. Size Matters By eliminating eight- to one quarter-inch from each sheet, trim waste is reduced, which is especially effective for large print jobs. Cuts on smaller runs can also save on distribution costs. Why Weight? For coated stocks, lighter paper can mean a reduction in print and distribution cost, but not necessarily quality. It's also important to consider freesheet vs. groundwood percentage for cost and longevity. Passing Grades Usually the difference between grades is subtle, therefore selecting a grade with, for

Making New Year's Resolutions By Design
January 1, 1999

Last year was an exciting time for our studio. In 1998, we moved, expanded our staff and changed our name to Malish & Pagonis to reflect our growing partnership. The previous 12 months proved interesting for our industry, too. Technology has been the greatest change factor and it has impacted us in many ways. CD-ROMs are now part of our daily workflow; we live in a world of gigabytes (and that already feels like not enough); we have finally seen some movement at Apple; and Mac OS 8.5 is now installed on our machines. Of course, we hope Steve Jobs will ensure that this is