Using Wikis to Meet Your Editorial Goals
November 21, 2008

Michelle Manafy spoke with Publishing Executive Inbox on how editorial departments can benefit from using wikis and how to incorporate them into a publishing workflow.

The Two-Faced Marketer
November 1, 2008

E-mail offers a way to deliver fresh content online, while driving traffic to related Web sites, maintaining customer loyalty and cross-promoting brands. In addition to serving as a marketing tool, it has the dual ability to stand on its own as a revenue-generating product in the form of an e-newsletter.

Symbiosis or ‘Death Spiral’?
September 1, 2007

Printers often demonstrate a genuine interest in the financial well-being of publishers. They prove this every time they hold or cut prices when a postal or paper increase threatens their customers’ profitability. Now, this is not entirely a selfless act on their part. Healthy publishers are essential to the print industry, and after all, we are all in this together. Or are we? It’s common to consider the printer-publisher bond as one of mutual dependence and to note the win-win aspects of what can be called a symbiotic relationship. Each party wants the other to grow and prosper. But what happens to a symbiotic relationship