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Rival Print Giants Donnelley and Quad Not Looking To Get Hitched
February 27, 2015

R.R. Donnelley and Quad/Graphics, the USA's two largest printing companies, apparently have their sights set on gobbling up more competitors -- but not each other. Quad's CEO, Joel Quadracci, was caught off guard on Tuesday by a question from a Goldman Sachs analyst at the end of Quad's quarterlyearnings conference call. "I'd kind of love to hear your thoughts on potential regulatory pushback or maybe lack thereof on a tie-up between your company and your biggest competitor," said Fred Krom. Quadracci at first thought the question was about Courier Corp., which Quad recently planned to acquire until Donnelley stepped in.

Courier Corporation Selects Firebrand Technologies for Digital Content Distribution Services
October 1, 2013

September 25, 2013, Newburyport, MA - Firebrand Technologies today announced that they have been selected to provide Courier Corporation, a leading book manufacturer and publisher, with digital content management and distribution services through their Content Services platform. Courier's publishing brands including Dover Publications, Research & Education Association (REA), and Creative Homeowner will all utilize the Content Services platform to distribute digital content to the marketplace. In addition, Dover has selected Firebrand's Direct2Reader platform to fulfill and manage ebook purchases for their consumer-facing website. 

INTERQUEST Announces Speakers for 2012 Digital Book Printing Forum in New York
February 23, 2012

INTERQUEST, a leading market and technology research and consulting firm serving the digital printing and publishing industry, today announced a powerful lineup of speakers and panelists for its 2012 Digital Book Printing Forum in New York.

According to INTERQUEST President Gilles Biscos, "We strive each year we deliver this event to bring together the primary forces actively developing, refining, and putting into practice digital book manufacturing. This year our attendees will be rewarded with a wide range of perspectives, insights, and experiences offered by our participants. I'm very excited and proud of the lineup we're bringing to New York this year."

Courier Adds New Press in Response to 4-Color Textbook Demand
February 1, 2006

NORTH CHELMSFORD, Mass. -- Citing growing demand for four-color textbooks, Courier Corp. is acquiring its third Lithoman IV web press from MAN Roland in three years. Scheduled for a fall 2006 installation, the new press will be the keystone of a $21 million expansion of the company's Kendallville, Ind., facility. One of America's leading book manufacturers and specialty publishers, Courier has been an avid investor in MAN Roland technology in recent years. Six months after its first Lithoman IV began operation, the company ordered its second Lithoman, citing a rise in textbook production opportunities. That press is set to start producing before the end

Moving Printability Upstream
April 1, 2004

Nothing disrupts the workflow more than putting unprintable files into the production stream. Conversely, printability is a sure-fire way to ensure workflow efficiency, and save time and money. Yet for years, content creators unwittingly submitted files rife with errors. Print service providers accepted them, only to later find the files were unprintable. The type and extent of errors in a digital workflow depends on the kinds of files print providers accept. If they take in PostScript, there can be problems with missing elements, missing fonts, or wrong page size specifications. Native application files with Macintosh or PC incompatibilities, or wrong versions of the pagination application, can present

Proofing in the Digital World
April 1, 2001

Proofing is a critical part of any production workflow, whether it is an agency representing a concept to a client, or a publisher handing off final materials to a printer. You can't live without proofs. So what happened? Like parents bemoaning the wayward behavior of errant children, where did we go wrong? Where did content creators get the idea that it's okay to send their file without a proof? After countless hours spent massaging color until the image emanating from the screen breathes all the subtle nuances so carefully rendered, you relinquish control? After a lifetime of cultivating a font collection that

Think Global, Act Local
October 1, 2000

The more things change, the more Richard "Dick" Koplitz remains the same. He has worked for several high-profile companies, switched industries mid-career and experienced first-hand the effect of consolidation on the book publishing world. Yet, regardless of the setting, he goes about his business— negotiating procurement contracts, that is—in an equally efficient and effective manner. Colleagues and suppliers de-scribe him as tough, but fair. He's respected for his honesty, business acumen and straight-shooting style —as well as for always acting in his employer's best interests. Now, as senior vice president of global sourcing for Pearson Inc., Koplitz continues to demonstrate the art of

Project Advantage Takes Shape
August 1, 1999

Trade publisher Cahners Business Information dives off a different platform with the adoption of Windows-based solutions. As of late, Y2K has given publishers a reason to take a hard look at their computer infrastructures, leading to system overhauls and an abundance of equipment buys. For trade publisher Cahners Business Information's Des Plaines, IL, office, Y2K had little to do with the publisher's recent conversion from a Mac-based to a Windows 95 and NT-driven workflow. Supporting this project fell upon the shoulders of Manny Dominguez, Cahner's editorial development and support team leader, who came to Cahners with more than 10 years of experience

Keeping Tabs on Supply and Demand
June 1, 1998

Educational publisher Labyrinth Publications responds to its growing success with the implementation of new technologies and services. WHO HASN'T considered making a radical career change at some point in his or her life? But how many people have the guts to take the plunge? Brian Favro had what it takes: desire and determination. "I went through a career change in the early '90s and I decided to get into teaching computers," Favro recalls. "I found, however, that I wasn't very happy with the materials I was using in the classroom, so I started writing my own handouts." Thus marked the beginning of what is