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Big Publishers Scale Up Video Production
December 1, 2015 at 2:00 pm

Recent months have seen a flurry of executive appointments by big publishers tapping top talent to lead their video production and distribution efforts. The list of publishers appointing high-level video execs includes The New York Times, Time Inc. and BuzzFeed, all of which are preparing major digital video initiatives for the coming year.

How The Magazine Cover Is Surviving -- And Thriving -- In The Digital Revolution
June 26, 2015

It turns out the magazine hadn't done all it could. In the ethereal world of digital media, printed magazines continue to offer something concrete, a tangible representation of a collaboration between editors, artists, designers and writers. And nothing embodies this collaboration like the magazine cover, which remains one of the modern age's most widely consumed pieces of public art. As Time magazine's design director, D.W. Pine, put it, "I still feel like the power of the Time cover is because we print it. The power is that we take the time and energy to craft 

Paywalls Rise Again: Pando is Latest to Introduce Membership Model
June 25, 2015

On Monday, Pando (formerly PandoDaily) joined the ranks of Slate and Time Inc., becoming the latest media company to turn its online content model from free-for-all to freemium. The site launched a membership-driven paywall where the newest articles on the site will be available to members first. Memberships cost $10 a month or $100 for the year. Like Slate Plus, Pando promises more exclusive member features to come.

Publishing and Commerce: Will It Work?
June 4, 2015

As newsstand and advertising revenues plummet, magazine companies are desperately seeking new streams of revenue to plug the holes. They're pumping money into TV programming, online videos, native advertising departments and more. Now they've turned their attentions back to commerce, as the ease and fast growth of online shopping have reignited their belief that they, too, can become e-tailers. Why not? In their view, they already are arbiters of taste, curators of the best products for their readers, guardians of all that is chic and covetable. Why shouldn't they sell what they show in their pages?

'Entertainment Weekly' Mounts Paywall, a Sign of The Time Inc. to Come
May 26, 2015

In a sign of things to come for Time Inc. websites, Entertainment Weekly's EW.com is quietly rolling out a metered paywall that will limit the amount of articles available to nonsubscribers and nonregistered readers, the On Media blog has learned. 

EW.com is the first Time Inc. brand to use a metered paywall, though other brands like People and Time have employed paid content strategies. Jill Davison, a Time Inc. spokesperson, confirmed that the move portended similar changes at other Time Inc. brands.

Press Release: Time Inc. Reports First Quarter 2015 Results
May 7, 2015

Time Inc. Chairman and CEO, Joe Ripp said, "Our results and financial performance reflect progress in the fundamental re-engineering of our business, and in re-positioning the company for its return to growth. At the center of that transformation are Time Inc.'s extraordinary portfolio of media brands, engaged audiences and powerful story-telling.

Veteran TV Exec Rich Battista Poised to Become People Magazine President
March 9, 2015

Time Inc., the nation's largest magazine publisher, is close to naming former TV executive Rich Battista to lead the company's largest brand, People magazine, as well as its sibling publicationEntertainment Weekly, according to two people familiar with the matter.

The position -- president of People and Entertainment Weekly -- is new to Time Inc. and critical to the company's future. People represents nearly 20% of Time Inc.'s revenue, according to the company's SEC filings. But print advertising -- where the magazine gets most of its revenue -- has declined as marketers shift budgets toward digital from print.