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A Model Magazine
February 1, 2000

Everything you've always wanted to know about Cosmopolitan but were afraid to ask. 38 global editions. 100 countries. 24 languages. And that's just one magazine within Hearst Magazines' empire. According to the president of Hearst's international division, George Green, Cosmopolitan is the best-selling women's magazine, and Hearst was the first American company to publish outside U.S. borders. Those who have perused "Cosmo" understand that it's built a reputation on frank discussion of women's health and beauty issues, under the wings of such notable matriarchs as Helen Gurley Brown and, at present, Kate White, editor and chief. Since its founding, Cosmopolitan has gone

March Madness with ESPN Magazine
April 1, 1998

"March Madness" took on a whole new meaning for the people involved with the start-up production of ESPN The Magazine, a joint venture of Disney Publishing, ESPN Inc. and The Hearst Corp. After revealing initial launch plans for the biweekly sports magazine last spring, the publishers established starting lineups for the production and editorial teams be-tween May and November (with several players yet to be named at that point), which left about four months to get the premier issue to newsstands and subscribers by the March 11, 1998, deadline. ESPN's production personnel and partners shot and scored, delivering a 184-page (without paginating ad inserts

Quality is an Attitude- Jerry D'Elia
January 1, 1998

Quality is an oft-talked-about issue in publishing and print-manufacturing circles, yet despite this ever-present dialogue, an absolute definition of "quality" remains elusive. Publishing & Production Executive invited Hearst Magazines' Vice President of Printing and Transportation Services Jerry D'Elia to share his views on what quality is and what it takes to achieve it. Publishing & Production Executive: How do you define quality? Jerry D'Elia: Print production quality to me means delivering a magazine to the reader so it meets or exceeds that reader's expectations. A reader can quickly like or dislike the quality of a magazine's editorial or design, but our job in manufacturing is print

Media Schizophrenia in the Time of Great Realignment
December 31, 1969 at 7:00 pm

The publishing business is now in the greatest period of media transformation and transcendence in the history of communication. We have reached a point where media companies have the ability to deliver to customers exactly what they want, when they want it, anywhere on the planet.