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Times union pinches publisher over pension freeze
December 23, 2011

The Newspaper Guild, which is locked in tense negotiations with the New York Times Co. over wages and pension benefits, has sent an open letter to Chairman Arthur “Pinch” Sulzberger Jr. demanding that he drop demands for a pension freeze. The Guild is furious that outgoing CEO Janet Robinson appears to have been allowed to accelerate her pension payout. In addition to a $4.5 million “golden parachute” Robinson will receive to consult for the company, it appears she will also get $10.9 million in pension benefits, bringing her total payout to $15.4 million. Reuters reported that the Times will

Top Women in Magazine Publishing
May 1, 2009

"Magazine publishing, more than many other fields, has long been a great career for women …,” says Patricia B. Fox, senior vice president, operations, and general manager, Healthy Living Group at Active Interest Media. Fox, along with the other women Publishing Executive selected for its first-annual “Top Women in Magazine Publishing” feature, exemplify the greatness that women have achieved in this industry.

‘Keeping the Bad Out’
November 1, 2007

I’ve said this before, but it seems that every day, new configurations of content blur the lines of media. The TV-radio-Internet-magazine-advertising world has become one big, fuzzy conglomeration. Television producers and characters/actors are blogging online. Magazine and newspaper editors and reporters are doing live video coverage, voice-overs and video editing. Television and radio news stations are putting news stories online. Magazines have television shows (and in this issue, you can read about how Essence magazine created the first-ever online reality dating show), and television shows have magazines (e.g., “Lost”). New business models are being tested (Paste magazine’s use of a “Pay What You Want”