The Winners
September 1, 2010

Gold, silver and bronze winners in seven categories. Check out to view the Gold, Silver, Bronze and Pewter winners in 40 additional categories.

Gold Ink Awards
September 1, 2009

Widely regarded as the print industry's most prestigious event, the 2009 Gold Ink Awards received more than 1,000 entries across 45 competitive categories, including Consumer Magazines, Magazine Covers, Magazine Inserts, Specialty Magazines (Web), Trade Magazines (Sheetfed) and Trade Magazines (Web), to name a few. In all, 132 entries were selected for Gold, Silver or Bronze honors.

Bridging the Gap
February 1, 1998

International publishing poses obstacles for U.S. magazine publishers, but none that can't be handled with a little logistical planning. IF YOU STOP and think about it, global publishing may seem like a massive undertaking. If that's truly the case, why do so many U.S. publishers venture overseas to explore business opportunities? Do the benefits justify the journey? The answer, according to several industry representatives, is a collective 'yes'. To produce or not to produce … El Hospital, a bi-monthly magazine published by Salud Publi-cations International, Cincinnati, has built an audience of 16,000 Latin American readers since 1944. El Hospital is produced in