Slate Asks for Contributions from Loyal Readers Similar to NPR
April 28, 2014

Last week, a letter arrived from my friend Jacob Weisberg, who runs Slate, the venerable Web magazine. Weisberg's letter was not to me, specifically, but to friends of Slate, proposing - or really imploring - that we join a special category of loyalists and voluntarily contribute to the magazine. Like NPR or PBS. Or crowdfunding.

Such a plea seemed, on the face of it, alarming, an admission of flaws in the basic business. If Slate's virtues, intelligence and style didn't immediately move us, we should contribute $50 a year if for no other reason,

First Quarter’s Winners and Losers
April 21, 2014

First-quarter advertising for magazines was such a mixed bag it's hard to draw any overarching conclusions. Initially it appeared to be a terrible quarter, with ad pages down nearly 8 percent, according to Publishers Information Bureau data. But when you remove the magazines that have gone out of print the past year, such as Babytalk, Whole Living and Parenting, that dip decreases by half, to 4 percent.

Weak Tech, Retail Drive Down Magazine Ad Pages
April 18, 2014

The magazine industry is getting off to a rocky start in 2014. While magazine ad pages declined in large part thanks to weakness in two key advertising categories, the tide also appears to have turned for tablet advertising, one of the lone bright spots in recent years.

Print magazine ad pages fell 4 percent in the first quarter of 2014, according to the latest report from the Publishers Information Bureau, a division of the MPA-The Association for Magazine Media.

Facebook Mobile Ad Network To Match The Strength Of Google AdSense
January 23, 2014

The advertising industry got a taste of how Facebook plans to use technology from Atlas, an advertising suite acquired from Microsoft in 2013. The social site is running small tests with a few advertisers and publishers to serve Facebook ads in third-party mobile apps. 

One analyst believes it could become a more relevant ad network than Yahoo and AOL, and compete more directly with Google and Twitter.

7 Things Publishers Should Consider When Buying CRM & Business Management Software
January 3, 2014

When most publishing companies go shopping for CRM, billing, and operations software, they tend to focus on features, and specifically, whatever features or lack of features their previous systems did not have. Buying publishing software is complex and, while features are important, it's one of many things that should be considered when going software shopping. Here is a checklist of considerations I recommend when shopping for a publishing software system (or any software for that matter).

Press Release: Nellymoser & NeoMedia Announce Solution For Migrating From Microsoft Tag to Other Activation Technologies
December 10, 2013

BOSTON, MA - December 10, 2013 - Nellymoser and NeoMedia Technologies, Inc.(OTC BB: NEOM)  announced today a solution that will allow a seamless migration from Microsoft Tag to other forms of mobile activations such as QR codes, watermarks, and image recognition (IR). Microsoft Tag, holding an 84% market share in the Top 100 magazines in 2010, has been eclipsed by QR codes, which comprised 68% of all mobile activations in 2012.

AdvantageCS Partners with Scribe
November 22, 2013

Ann Arbor, MI, November 21, 2013:  AdvantageCS has joined the Scribe Solution Developer program and developed the Advantage Scribe Connector.  Scribe Software, an established global provider of solutions that easily bring customer data anywhere it is needed, offers an advanced integration tool that allows the user to define an integration workflow, including the mapping of data elements, between any two supported systems.  Clients can now integrate Advantage with any other system that has a Scribe Connector available, such as 

Thrillist to Launch Supercompressor on Microsoft Surface
October 7, 2013

At a time when men define themselves by their phones as much as they do their cars, Thrillist Media Group sees an opening for a new Web publication to help young guys shop for tech. Launching on Oct. 23, Supercompressor will take a broader lifestyle approach; it's not for guys looking to tear apart their motherboards. "This is not Engadget and Gizmodo," explained Thrillist CEO Ben Lerer. "This is lifestyle tech; gear and gadgets."

Jeff Bezos' Purchase of the Post Highlights Seattle's Digital-media Potential
August 16, 2013

Over the past five years, the traditional publishing industry has seen its century-old roots begin to pull up from New York City. Newspaper and book publishers that have for decades controlled what we read and how we read it have watched as tech companies have swooped in and carried away huge branches of the industry. Devices like the Kindle e-reader, introduced by Seattle-based Amazon only six years ago, have changed the way people buy and read books. Smartphones, tablets and social media have

Shift to Corporate-Owned Tablets Could Knock iPad Off Its Perch
July 30, 2013

More businesses will issue tablets in the coming years, offering opportunity for both Android and Microsoft, said analyst Jack Gold. In fact, the trend could help Android and Windows topple iPad among tablets used in the enterprise.

Gold's firm conducted a broad-based survey of mobile strategies and adoption plans of 270 North American enterprises and found that corporate issued tablets will grow at an average annual growth rate of 64 percent over the next three years. By comparison, BYOD tablets will only grow at a 31 percent rate.