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The Increasingly Over-Burdened Art Department
October 1, 2006

It’s often been said that art is subjective. The same could be said about the art process in magazine publishing. While some multi-title publishers believe in one art team for one title, others like to throw the talent at whichever title they can best lend a hand to at the time. Technology has actually been a double-edged sword for the creative department—expediting the print process, but also leading to increased multimedia publishing and marketing, the design of which is often placed on the art department’s plate. Balancing the multiple demands on the art department’s time can be a real challenge. Here’s a behind-the-scenes

The Digital Handyman: Retooling the Publishing Workflow
August 1, 2006

More than a decade into the “CTP revolution,” many of the promises of digital workflow have yet to be fulfilled. The publishing industry is far from achieving the hands-off, utopian workflow many envisioned when film went away and content went digital. While some in the industry once resisted the notion of a digital workflow, most now agree that the evolution from film to files has been a positive for the publishing world—as profound a development as desktop publishing. With digital content, publishers can now cut out much of the prepress expense for their print workflow, and perhaps even more importantly, their content is now

Layers Magazine Launches Online Tool to Compare Adobe InDesign to Quark XPress
June 2, 2006

The publishers of Layers magazine, a how-to publication for Adobe software products, launched the InDesign Advantage Center, an online collection of content that provides a side-by-side comparison between Adobe InDesign software and the latest version of Quark XPress. The tool is designed to give creative professionals an in-depth look at how the two software packages…

Markzware Helps Quark XPress Users Import PageMaker Files
March 1, 2006

One-click instantly converts PageMaker files into QuarkXPress v6 Documents SANTA ANA, Calif. -- Markzware, developer of preflighting, data extraction, and conversion software, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of PM2Q6 (Adobe PageMaker to QuarkXPress). PM2Q6 is a QuarkXPress XTension module that easily and efficiently imports versions 4.2 - 7.x of Adobe PageMaker files into QuarkXPress 6 documents. PM2Q6 is available for Macintosh. "This simple, yet elegant solution that Markzware has developed further enables customers the freedom to migrate their data content," says Patrick Marchese, president of Markzware. "QuarkXPress is a popular publishing software application used by many service bureaus and printers. We are happy to

Markzware Donates FlightCheck to University of the Arts
September 1, 2005

SANTA ANA, Calif -- Markzware has provided The University of the Arts with 600 copies of FlightCheck Studio and 500 copies of FlightCheck Professional. The entire donation holds a value of nearly $400,000. FlightCheck brand products have been award winning quality assurance tools for the printing and publishing industries, since 1995. This announcement expresses Markzware's commitment to education in the global printing industry and teaching the best practices in print and multimedia file exchange. Throughout the years, Markzware has made software and training donations to many universities and colleges having a printing curriculum. A few of these schools include: Rochester Institute of Technology, Fox Valley Technical College's Printing

USA Weekend Turns 20
August 1, 2005

USA Weekend has been printed rotogravure since its inception in 1985. Twenty years ago, the weekly magazine appeared in more than 360 newspapers. Today it appears in more than 600. It started with a print order of about 14 million copies. Today its print order is about 25 million. With numbers like these, rotogravure has always been an ideal printing process for the magazine. Roto presses offer the stability required for long runs, as well as the speed required for a weekly print and delivery cycle of this scale. Roto is also a great way to get high-quality reproduction on substrates like roto news,

Your Guide to a Digital Workflow
August 1, 2005

In 1999—fewer than four years after the printing world was first introduced to computer-to-plate (CTP) at Drupa 1995—PrintMedia published a cover story on The New Yorker Imaging Center and its manager, Greg Captain. The editors chose the story because it was one of a very few truly inspiring tales of digital workflow in those days. The Imaging Center had fully embraced CTP then and had significantly invested in its digital arsenal to produce not only the pages of The New Yorker magazine, but also of other departments within the Condé Nast organization. Partnering with RR Donnelley's Danville, Ky., operations, the Imaging Center was responsible

Production Managers, the Industry's Next Dinosaur
February 1, 2005

It started with the typesetters in the early 1980s. Film strippers, dot-etchers and camera operators were the casualties of the 1990s. Color separators had to quickly reinvent themselves to survive the transition into the electronic millennium. Who is the industry's next obsolete professional? It appears to be the production manager. Is it possible to produce a magazine without a production manager? More and more magazines are doing just that. Like the typesetters and film-based prepress specialists, many responsibilities of the production manager are being replaced by technology or absorbed into other departments. At one time, it was unheard of to even consider that any

MacAddict Takes InDesign for a Test Drive
December 1, 2004

Two years ago, I was working as art director of the computer-enthusiast magazine MacAddict. During one of our weekly staff meetings, an editor suggested doing a feature on Adobe's newly revamped design software, InDesign 2.0. We'd written several articles on using QuarkXPress over the years, and thought it would service our readers if we took…

A Graph Expo Wrap-Up You Won't Want to Miss
December 1, 2004

The exhibits filled a space larger than seven football fields inside McCormick Place in Chicago, Oct. 10-13. Tens of thousands of Graph Expo and Converting Expo attendees weaved in and out of aisles in search of products and technologies to help them streamline workflow, maximize efficiency and improve quality. While the show is geared primarily toward printers, a number of exhibitors unveiled products for the printers' customers as well, and some companies announced big news. Some Pluses for the Publishing and Agency Creative Department Quark Inc. announced the release of QuarkXPress 6.5 that will enable users to import native Adobe Photoshop documents (PSD