Sappi Fine Paper

The Winners
September 1, 2010

Gold, silver and bronze winners in seven categories. Check out to view the Gold, Silver, Bronze and Pewter winners in 40 additional categories.

SWOP Publishes 10th Edition of Its Specifications
August 1, 2005

Specifications for Web Offset Publications (SWOP)—an industry organization promoting consistency and quality of advertising material in publications—launched the sale of its 10th Edition Specifications, currently available by ordering online at PrintTools is a new industry portal for specifications and tools, and is a collaborative effort between IDEAlliance ( and the International Prepress Association (IPA), the association of graphic solutions providers. To produce the 10th Edition, the Printing Applications Lab at Rochester Institute of Technology coordinated the print production of the 96-page booklet, with contributions from Flint Ink, Sun Chemical, Sappi Fine Paper, Tembec, Goss International, Böttcher America, Creo

Reality Check
March 1, 2002

What do paper and rock superstar Madonna have in common? The answer, says Potlatch: They both need to reinvent themselves. For the coated paper market, nothing could be more advantageous for vendors than recognizing the demand for adaptability. But for publishers, understanding the science and economics of the market is equally invaluable. As a result, coated paper coverage is broken into three categories: What it is, how can it be used and what to expect this quarter. Coated paper stock, manufactured with clay or coating applied to one or both sides, comes in a variety of styles, including dull, gloss, matte and

Bidding Wars
June 1, 2001

No more pitches. No more visits. No more phone calls. Online paper procurement portals offer alternatives to traditional paper buying. While Chris Powell, production director at New Hope Natural Media/Penton Media, says, "I am buying paper through a broker right now," she admits, "I'm always looking for ways to save more money!" In some cases, by logging online, print buyers can do everything from search for and buy paper, to researching paper market news and staying up-to-date on new product launches. Users and vendors alike benefit by comparing prices and creating a bigger pool of potential commerce. Powell also notes, "I would consider