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July 2, 2018 at 2:13 pm

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Digital Editions’ Growth Spurt
June 1, 2008

This spring, Barnes & Noble announced that it would offer both print publications and digital editions of more than 1,000 magazine titles to visitors of The e-editions will be fulfilled by Barnes & Noble partner Zinio. Indeed, it’s just one more indication that, despite some debate on their future, digital editions are becoming a viable alternative to print for a growing number of readers. Cambridge, Mass.-based The Gilbane Group recently published a study, “Digital Magazine and Newspaper Editions: Growth, Trends, and Best Practices,” showing that the number of business-to-business publications offering digital editions increased by more than 300 percent in a two-year span

December 1, 2007

Production & Distribution TIPS By Steven W. Frye We live in an information-rich time. Besides professional books, journals, directories and trade magazines, such as Publishing Executive, we have the Internet. But company Web sites and newsletters, both print and electronic, have also added to the list of professional resources. In the past, it was very difficult to gather industry information, especially in a timely manner. But now we have a wealth of timely information available to us. As many people discovered, “push” services are more desirable than “pull” services. In other words, people prefer to have pertinent information delivered to them, rather than

The Digital Edition: Heading Toward Its ‘iPod Moment’?
October 1, 2007

When approaching the subject of digital editions—those e-publications that preserve print layouts in a user-friendly format, often enhanced with embedded multimedia features—an obvious question comes to mind: What can this platform offer a publisher that a good Web site cannot? “That’s the question we get all the time,” says Cimarron Buser, vice president of marketing and product planning at Southborough, Mass.-based Texterity Inc., who recently pioneered a digital publishing solution for the Apple iPhone. “We know that the way people read Web sites is different from the way they read magazines,” says Buser. “Web sites are more episodic; there’s a lot of