Strategic Fulfillment Group

Buyer's Guide 2015: Audience Data Management
April 1, 2015

Fulfillment providers have always been a crucial part of the magazine industry. As long as readers subscribe to print magazines, circulation files will need to be managed. What has changed is that the data publishers can collect about their subscribers has expanded well beyond basic demographics. As our digital footprints continue to grow, traditional fulfillment and list management services are being supplemented by more holistic audience data solutions.

DRG Craft Division Rebrands as Annie's
June 6, 2012

Annie’s is the new name for the craft and nostalgia media division of DRG. The move unites under the Annie’s name the family of products that have been offered by DRG for many years under a collection of well-known brands, including Annie’s Attic, House of White Birches, The Needlecraft Shop, Clotilde and American School of Needlework.

Getting a Tablet Is Easy; Getting Digital Magazines Is a Pain
December 19, 2011

Buying that new iPad, Kindle or Nook for Christmas is just the first step to becoming a digital magazine reader. While shopping for books and movies is a fairly straightforward process, getting your favorite magazines onto your new e-reading device can be trickier.

The ways you can buy a magazine are rapidly multiplying, making it harder for readers to evaluate their choices. Major magazine publishers, digital newsstands and magazine customer service companies are trying to simplify the process of setting up digital magazine subscriptions, but so far, it's still sometimes a confusing process.