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Introducing Rivista 5 for Responsive Design
January 11, 2013

Publishers can now create responsive design websites with the Rivista 5 CMS - a top-rated, modular, and monetized web CMS built specifically for magazine publishers. Publishers enjoy companion digital edition and app solutions. Watch this video!

Can Digital Editions Be Sexy?
July 1, 2011

15 great 
strategies for increasing sexiness (OK, appeal), engaging the audience, driving ad revenue, tapping multiple versions and more!

Solving the App Development Conundrum for Small Magazines
June 8, 2011

Even a small magazine can make a powerful impression with a well-designed mobile presence. In some ways, digital platforms can level the playing field for small publishers wanting to attract readers' attention with innovative content and presentations.

But getting onto mobile platforms with apps and optimized websites can be a significant challenge for small publishers. While major magazine companies like Condé Nast and Time have resources for research and development and can dedicate employees to digital innovation, small magazines are often run on a shoestring by limited personnel.

Apple Outlines Subscription Option
February 2, 2011

A representative from Apple has told app developer Texterity that publishers will now be able to sell digital magazine subscriptions within apps.