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Audience diversification is important, because the typical newspaper website is read, more or less, by the same senior citizens who take the print paper. Here’s how serious the demographic challenge is: 

Using data from the Census Bureau and the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, I calculated a couple of years ago that at least half the audience at the typical newspaper

New Study: Real names Improve Quality of Website Comments
August 1, 2012

A study of South Korean website commenters adds to the debate over whether requiring real names improves online discourse. Gregory Ferenstein writes:

For 4 years, Koreans enacted increasingly stiff real-name commenting laws, first for political websites in 2003, then for all websites receiving more than 300,000 viewers in 2007, and was finally tightened to 100,000 viewers a year later after online slander was cited in the suicide of a national figure. The policy, however, was ditched Launches Digital Magazine for the Amazon Kindle
April 4, 2008, a popular independent pop culture Web site, has joined with Tribune Media Services (TMS) to launch a new Amazon Kindle digital magazine under the PopMatters brand. The Kindle magazine will feature articles, columns, reviews, interviews and blogs, covering all things pop culture. The magazine is currently available on a 14-day free trial and subscription basis on Amazon. Paid subscriptions cost $1.49 per month on Amazon. TMS will distribute the magazine but play no editorial role. “PopMatters is dedicated to bringing the best popular culture commentary to the world on the Web, in print through our new book series, and now on the

So What Is a Magazine, Anyway?
March 26, 2008

Today, here and now, I’m starting a new blog. To those who know me, you know what to expect. To those who don’t, well, my advice is to expect the unexpected. I have a broader range of industry perspective and vision than most, due to the fact that I have held a job like yours and almost every other job and vocation in this industry. If you seek my credentials please click on Who is BoSacks.

I have been accused sometimes of ranting. This I semi-completely deny. I will, however, from time to time, voice a somewhat passionate and perfectly reasonable point of