What Angry Birds Can Teach Publishers About Print
April 27, 2012

The creator of Angry Birds has been a book publisher for less than five months but already grasps a truth that eludes so many long-time publishers.

“It is actually not relevant whether we choose print or a digital channel – what matters is that there is someone out there who cares, who reads, listens, and communicates with us. That’s what publishing is all about, communication,” Peter Vesterbacka, CMO at Rovio Entertainment Ltd, told The Griffin, papermaker UPM-Kymmene’s corporate magazine. Ironically, that quotation is in the print and PDF versions of the magazine but not the web version.

Redefining Supply Chain Management
November 29, 2002

Faster than a speeding e-mail. More powerful than EDI. Able to link printers, publishers and paper mills in a single bound. It's papiNet! And, it's likely to make a super difference in the way businesses are run. PapiNet is a global initiative to develop and implement a set of standard electronic transaction formats that can be used by all parties engaged in the buying, selling and distribution of paper and forest products. It's goal, says David Steinhardt, regional director for papiNet North America and chief executive officer of IDEAlliance, is "to improve the speed, transparency and efficiency of transactions and administration throughout the entire

Paper Jam
November 1, 2002

It's not just magazine publishers crying the blues over the weak U.S. economy, which inspired advertisers to cut ad page placements 9.3 percent in 2001, and 10.4 percent this year, according to a recent report from market researcher Nielsen/NetRatings. Magazine publishers have responded by tightening ad/edit ratios, decreasing trim sizes, and going with lighter basis weights. Cataloguers have also cut back, shifting promotions to the Internet and other electronic media, while pruning mail lists and slashing page counts. Corporations outside the publishing industry have also pulled back, trimming the number of brochures and other printed matter produced annually. It all adds up to a

Bidding Wars
June 1, 2001

No more pitches. No more visits. No more phone calls. Online paper procurement portals offer alternatives to traditional paper buying. While Chris Powell, production director at New Hope Natural Media/Penton Media, says, "I am buying paper through a broker right now," she admits, "I'm always looking for ways to save more money!" In some cases, by logging online, print buyers can do everything from search for and buy paper, to researching paper market news and staying up-to-date on new product launches. Users and vendors alike benefit by comparing prices and creating a bigger pool of potential commerce. Powell also notes, "I would consider