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Layoffs Sweep Across Rolling Stone, US Weekly
June 18, 2015

Wenner Media has laid off more than a dozen people across its three magazines: Rolling StoneUS Weeklyand Men's Journal, according to a spokeswoman for the company.

The spokeswoman declined to elaborate on the layoffs, but a Wenner staffer said the cuts occurred in the last few days and stretched across the editorial and business sides of the magazines. They were also equally weighted across all three titles, part of a shift in resources from print to digital, this person explained.

Advertisers Want Reassurances From Rolling Stone
April 8, 2015

Media-buying executives who steer brands' ad budgets say they're frustrated that Rolling Stone's ad team has not reached out in the wake of a blistering Columbia University School of Journalism report detailing the magazine's "journalistic failure" in its now-retracted story about rape on college campuses.

"They should have emailed a copy of the Columbia Journalism report with a mea culpa assuring advertisers what steps they are taking to ensure this doesn't happen again," a media-buying executive told Ad Age.

Should Publishers Take Down Controversial Posts?
October 13, 2014

To unpublish - or not to unpublish. That's the question for publishers that really step in it with regrettable content that sets off the Social Media Outrage Industrial Complex. For some publishers, an apology is not enough. They'd rather forget the whole thing took place, erasing the past with a simple keystroke. In the most recent example, Men's Health took down an article titled "The Secret to Talking Sports with Any Woman" after an online backlash (screengrab below courtesy of Mediaite).

At Condé Nast Entertainment, Marketing Digital Video Costs as Much as Making It
October 9, 2014

Every fall, when broadcast and cable networks premiere a new lineup of television shows, they aren't just investing in the production of pilot episodes-they're also spending millions to market their new programming via TV commercials, print magazine ads and billboards.

Condé Nast Entertainment, the magazine publisher's entertainment division, is applying the same logic to its digital videos. C.N.E. generates new programming with more frequency than any network: it releases 10 to 20 videos every day, and it will have produced more than 100 series by the end of this year.

Celebrity Magazine Sales Plummet on Newsstands
August 11, 2014

Celebrity magazines used to be the impulse purchase at the airport or the supermarket checkout line. But those impulses are apparently being resisted.

Data released Thursday by the Alliance for Audited Media showed celebrity magazines suffered mightily on the newsstand in the first half of 2014. Newsstand sales of People, InStyle and US Weekly dropped by nearly 15 percent in that time, compared with the same period in 2013. In Touch Weekly's newsstand sales declined by 23.5 percent, Star Magazine by 21.8 percent and Life & Style Weekly by 21.7 percent.

Beach Warning: Summer Magazine Shortage Ahead
June 2, 2014

Don't count on the glossies for your beach read.

A national shortage of magazines could hit this summer after the nation's No. 2 wholesaler abruptly shut down, leaving publishers scrambling to find a replacement to truck their magazines to stores.

The sudden demise of Source Interlink Distribution means that People, Us Weekly, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, In Touch, Men's Health and other favorite glossies may go missing at some retail outlets - at least in the short term.

First Quarter’s Winners and Losers
April 21, 2014

First-quarter advertising for magazines was such a mixed bag it's hard to draw any overarching conclusions. Initially it appeared to be a terrible quarter, with ad pages down nearly 8 percent, according to Publishers Information Bureau data. But when you remove the magazines that have gone out of print the past year, such as Babytalk, Whole Living and Parenting, that dip decreases by half, to 4 percent.

People, Other Magazines Set to Hike Prices
March 21, 2014

Magazines are different from almost every other product sold at retail. When sales suffer, publishers tend to raise prices.

So with newsstand sales in the celebrity category falling 12 percent this year, according to sources, guess what will soon happen?

That’s right, a price increase.

Mag Bag: Magazine Circs Drop Again
February 7, 2014

The total circulation of U.S. consumer magazines declined 1.7% from 323.8 million in the second half of 2012 to 318.7 million in the second half of 2013, including both print and digital replica editions.
The drop was mostly due to substantial decreases in newsstand sales, which fell 11% from 25.4 million to 22.6 million, while paid subscriptions slipped 1% from 264.9 million to 262.8 million, according to the Alliance for Audited Media, formerly known as the Audit Bureau of Circulations. These drops were partially offset by growth in digital circulation, which soared 37%

Magazine Readership Inches Upward
November 22, 2013

Despite a slight decline in overall magazine circulation in the first half of this year, the number of magazine readers in the U.S. is actually up slightly, according to the latest GfK MRI's Survey of the American Consumer, which tracks print and digital magazine readership.

Total magazine readership across print and digital editions increased about 1.6 percent from fall 2012 to fall 2013, while that of print alone increased 1.1 percent. Digital readership grew a healthy 49 percent.