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Buyer's Guide 2015: Content & Digital Asset Management Systems
April 1, 2015

Content management systems (CMS) are crucial for creating and distributing web and print content dynamically, and today they are at the heart of publishers’ multi-channel publishing efforts. A robust CMS can more easily track content so that it can be archived, reused, and monetized. A CMS can be used to semantically organize content so that publishers can relate similar items or create new products from content bundles. Sophisticated management of content is an increasingly important cost-cutting technology for multi-channel publishing and many organizations are investing in updating this core technology.

McGraw-Hill's Multiplicity
December 1, 2005

Learn from this publishing heavyweight how to navigate the content-management path so the perils are few, the benefits fruitful and the content flows freely to multiple media. It has been almost 100 years since James McGraw and John Hill merged the book departments of their two companies to form the McGraw-Hill Book Co. It has since become a world leader in educational and professional publishing. One of McGraw-Hill's best-known publications—the Encyclopedia of Science & Technology—is considered a classic. According to Mark Licker, vice president and publisher, science, "It is the most authoritative and comprehensive guide available for the broad spectrum of

Vasont Universal Integrator Keeps Pace with FrameMaker 7.2
November 1, 2005

Users can leverage new FrameMaker 7.2 while managing content with Vasont content management system.   EMIGSVILLE, Pa. -- Vasont Systems, a provider of content management software and data services, announced today that the Vasont Universal Integrator (VUI) integrates with the latest release of Adobe FrameMaker software. The VUI is a software extension of Vasont, a content management system that enables organizations to store their multilingual content once for maximum reuse and delivery to multiple media channels. Using VUI, Vasont users are able to work within FrameMaker 7.2 while accessing Vasont through a toolbar menu option.   "We call the VUI the 'universal' integrator because it was developed to work

Print Will Never Die
March 1, 2003

Since the late 1990s, there's been tremendous hype around content management systems that allegedly handle a variety of content, including text, graphics, video and audio clips. However, the majority of content management systems focus primarily on managing an organization's Web content. Although the Web is an important medium for delivering information, it's not the only medium that contains an organization's information assets. What most content management systems overlook is how to effectively manage content independent of its end use. They also overlook the natural flow of content, which includes creating content and transforming it to its end use. This Web content management strategy leads to neglect of