August 2014


"The Drum Live" Exemplifies the Ever-Changing Audience-Publisher Dynamic

That's especially the goal of The Drum Live, a one-day event in which readers of The Drum collaborate with its staff to create an issue in a single day. "They get to ask our interviewees questions, choose our cover design, and generally get an opportunity to shape the whole issue of The Drum,"

3 Trends That Prove Social Media is Growing Up

Social media is indeed growing up before our very eyes, and the changes we're seeing have important implications for publishers, marketers, and agencies. I've been helping companies effectively use social media technology for nearly eight years, and I'd like to share some of the important changes I'm seeing.

Allrecipes Translates Its Online Data to Print Success

Print has proven to be the best route for to monetize its content and mobilize part of its 38-million-plus monthly readers. Since its launch Allrecipes has experienced dramatic growth, jumping from an initial rate base of 500,000 to over 900,000 in its upcoming October issue.

ALM's Chief Digital Officer: Publishing's Future is Digital AND Data-Driven

ALM Media's Jeff Litvack is bullish on digital magazines. If paired with a smart web strategy, useful mobile apps, and the data that connects all the pieces, the chief digital officer expects digital magazines will in the future serve much the same role printed magazines have in the past

Are Your Salespeople Ready to Sell Integrated Proposals?

Many salespeople learned their craft by selling one or two products. But now buyers often want multi-platform, multi-product, integrated marketing solutions, and significant revenue can be lost by salespeople not equipped to create and sell them. Magazine salespeople must be able to sell everything from a brand's traditional print products to digital and mobile products, webinars, events, native advertising, branded content, and more.

Beautifully Designed Eight by Eight Engages a Global Audience

Named after the dimensions of a regulation soccer goal, Eight by Eight is a lavishly produced magazine marked by its exceptionally well-executed design and illustrations. And although the growing popularity of soccer among U.S. audiences certainly hasn't hurt the book's slow-but-steady growth, Priest, Lee, and marketing director Cooper Lemon point out that because Eight by Eight is intended for a global audience, social media efforts and the creation of free online content have become crucial to its continued success.

Craft Beer & Brewing Quickly Grows Audience with Quality Content and Production

The launch of Craft Beer & Brewing in March 2014 is a response to a burgeoning movement that has led to the number of U.S. breweries doubling in the past five years. Riding this wave of malt and hops, the magazine has increased circulation by 30% each issue (now at 33,000) and attracts 100,000 monthly visitors to its site. 

Editor's Note: At Your Service

Why make an issue based around new magazine launches and re-launches?
For one, it's a sign people are still investing their blood, sweat, and greenbacks in magazines. That's good news, right?

Fresh Crop of Magazine Launches Points to an Evolving Industry

The magazine industry has faced its fair share of hardships in recent years. The demise of Source Interlink has left newsstand inventory sparse and publishers reeling. The monetization of digital content remains enduringly elusive. And all we hear is that mobile, mobile, mobile is the future.

Mr. Magazine's Take on the Latest Consumer Launches

Samir "Mr. Magazine" Husni has been tracking consumer magazine launches for most of his life, making him one of the nation's leading experts on the subject. He shares with Publishing Executive his take on this year's latest batch of titles.

On the Verge of Digital's Watershed Moment

The future of our industry and our ability to make an honest living is digital. The only real question on that subject is when the watershed moment of digital supremacy will arrive. I think that when we look back at the end of 2014 we will see that that moment is happening now.

Redan Publishing Returns Sesame Street to the Printed Page

Print magazines rarely have more than one life, but Sesame Street Magazine -- a Sesame Street Workshop brand that lost its print arm in 2008 -- is getting a second shot. Redan Publishing, which licenses popular brands for its educational children's magazines, breathed new life into the magazine, publishing the first issue in December 2013.

The Washington Examiner Rises from the Ashes of Newsprint

For just over eight years, The Washington Examiner existed as a conservative-leaning daily tabloid that covered local news in the nation's capitol. But in March 2013, the paper's parent company announced an unexpected about-face: The newspaper was folding, and being retooled as an online publication and a weekly print magazine with a focus on politics and policy.