Publishing Executive March-April 2012


16 Tips For Attracting Digital Dollars

Finding ways to monetize content has always been the goal of publishers, but this quest has become more complex in recent years. Digital platforms present many possibilities for new revenue models, but also require investment and re-prioritization.

34 Tricks Print Mags Can Do That Apps Can’t

It seems like only yesterday when we first heard about iPads and thought they were feminine hygiene devices. Now we in the publishing industry are talking so much about iPads, Nooks, Kindles, and their e-brethren (or is it e-sistren?) that we've lost sight of what ink on paper can do.

A Paine-ful Lesson

These are the times that try a traditional publisher's soul. And the terror of the tablet and usury of the 30 percent demands on traditional profit will not be fading anytime soon.

Publishing Industry Statistics You Can Use

In the fourth quarter of 2011, most ad pages declined—but not in the Financial and Real Estate category. Ad pages for this sector were up 23% to 1,683 pages, from 1,372 pages the year before.

Size Does Matter

I just returned from a trip overseas, and as with all my travel, I am always in a hunting mood for new magazines. Well, I was able to find some first editions, as well as some American magazines that took the journey across the Atlantic.

The ‘HappINKness’ Principle

At Ink we have grown from just 12 employees some seven years ago to now employing just shy of 300. Our core business is publishing inflight magazines for some of the most well-known and successful airlines in the world.

Their Print Ad Revenue Is Growing. Want to Know Why?

With the publishing industry changing on what seems like a daily basis, how is it that some publications are actually finding ways to increase their print advertising revenue in the past two years? Publishing Executive went behind the scenes with four publishers who have done just that to find out what they’re doing “right.”