BRAINERD, MN-December 18, 2013-Bang Printing and its subsidiaries, a provider of accountable print performance solutions and other value-added services for catalogs, books, publications and educational printed products, announced it has entered into an agreement to buy substantially all of the assets associated with Victor Graphics of Baltimore.

SANTA BARBARA, CA — Nonprofit journalism is now central to the American national news ecosystem; ProPublica, the Center for Investigative Reporting, and the Center For Public Integrity, among others, regularly make distribution agreements with major media organizations that give them enormous reach.

For example, when CNN recently lambasted a cancer charity that raised millions of dollars, most of which went to fundraising and administrative costs rather than cancer patients, it was doing so in partnership with and largely on the strength of reporting by the Tampa Bay Times and CIR.

When you dream of a vacation, your first thoughts probably don’t involve BASE jumping in Norway, climbing a 3,000-foot rock wall in California or flying to Space. Travel+Escape’s launch issue of the new digital magazine available for the iPhone and iPad dares you to be bold, push your limits and “Face Your Fears”.

Rolling Stone’s new social networking hub, #RSFans, aims to be a “two-way conversation” between Rolling Stone editors and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram users.

Readers are supposed to tag Facebook posts and pictures, tweets and Instagram photos with #RSFans. Editors curate the content and feature it on the RSFans page. A Coachella post, for instance, includes Instagram photos and tweets from the California music festival. Mobile App Download's Free Mobile App :: Latest Tech Quiz The Great Smartphone Challenge :: Latest Galleries Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 :: From The Blog... California bans inefficient battery chargers, should we do it too? Toronto teens add new chapter to Canadian space program Bell improves call quality with HD Voice Sync wins best blog post of 2011 award Are file-sharing sites' days numbered? :: News Jonathan Weber (Reuters) - In just five years , Twitter has evolved from a 140-character punch line into a universal, all-purpose newswire, free and open

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