San Francisco

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

 Greg Sullivan, co-founder of San Francisco-based AFAR Mediaannounced today that AFAR has partnered with eMedia GmbH of Hanover to distribute the German language edition of AFAR magazine. Available throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the fall of 2012, the magazine will be offered quarterly.

Not only does the iPad dominate the tablet market, but a new study claims that 90 percent of all mobile revenue last month was generated from Apple's popular device. Personalization vendor RichRelevance studied 75 retail sites and found that 68 percent of mobile shoppers who accessed retail websites used iPads to do so. iPad users were more likely to buy something when they got there, too. Conversion rates with the iPad were 1.5 percent, nearly triple the 0.57 percent rate for other mobile devices. Shoppers who used iPads averaged $52.66 per item, while other mobile users spent $23.80.

For anyone who's been to a real trade show, virtual trade shows look much the same. The speakers are there, the booths, the sponsors—it's just missing the three dimensions that come with a plane fare. That's the premise that Forbes is working on. And the New York-based media empire is finding that, indeed, its iConferences are working.

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