Michael Clinton

It's not enough to cope with disruption, says Hearst president, marketing and publishing director Michael Clinton. Publishing leaders need to actively disrupt their own organizations in order to find new ideas and nurture innovation. That means testing out new platforms and technologies, creating more nimble workflows that can adjust to sudden disruption, and enabling anyone in the organization to find and share new ideas

Very busy at AMC 2012, the Magazine Media Conference!  The show kicked off Sunday evening with a reception and announcement of the Advertising Age A-List awards, with Bloomberg Businessweek’s Josh Tyrangiel taking editor of the year.
Today bright and early at 8am attendees were welcomed by Michael Clinton of Hearst, Chairman of the MPA, who says magazine publishers should be “paper proud.” What makes magazines successful? It’s the content, stupid! This focus on content, Clinton says, will lead to continued growth in digital in the “third channel” of the tablet.

Hearst has given the green light to HGTV Magazine, once again bucking trends by launching a print magazine in a weak market.

The publisher and partner Scripps Networks are planning four more issues of the network-based magazine this year after a test of two issues and have started knocking on advertisers' doors.

“We have had very encouraging results on the two test issues and will continue our test rollout with four more issues in 2012,” emailed Michael Clinton, marketing president and publishing director at Hearst.

By Looking at Michael Clinton, you’d never know he has the best chin in publishing. It was a mere 18 months ago that many questioned whether his career at Hearst Magazines was over. Clinton had been very publicly passed over for the top job at the publishing company in favor of an outsider — and one from Hearst rival Condé Nast, no less: David Carey. But Clinton, a 30-year publishing veteran, has had plenty of practice at taking a proverbial punch, shaking it off and bouncing back. Since his very public

Nina Link, President and Chief Executive Officer of MPA—The Association of Magazine Media, anounced today that Hearst Corporation's Michael Clinton has been chosen to chair the MPA's board of directors.

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