FUSE Media Podcast
FUSE Media is a forum for publishing executives to discuss their business strategies and the technologies powering innovation in the media industry today. Each episode, media leaders share their insights, personal experiences, and practical advice with listeners.

Business media company HousingWire delivers information to the mortgage and housing markets, a job that has become increasingly important as professionals in those markets feel the impact of COVID-19. In this episode, we talk to President & CEO Clayton Collins about how HousingWire is investing in quality journalism, shifting event strategy, and developing digital products that serve both readers and advertising clients in “the new normal.”

We also discuss the growth of the publisher’s premium membership program, HW+, which is experiencing an influx of new members during the pandemic. Plus, Collins reveals his goal to achieve a revenue mix that is equal parts consumer revenue and advertising/marketing.

More topics covered in this episode:

  • Differentiation of virtual event experiences
  • Membership churn and monitoring unengaged members
  • HousingWire’s virtual demo day featuring technology solutions
  • Taking a cautious approach to growth during crisis
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