iPad = Publishing’s Portable People Meter
October 10, 2011

The radio industry was changed forever with the advent of the portable people meter. The same will happen with the advent of digital magazines on the iPad.

Defining Readership
July 15, 2011

It does not take a publishing expert to tick off a list of changes magazines have undergone converting from paper to pixels. But with as many digital publishing truisms those of us in the business already take for granted, I've barely heard a word uttered about the root concept of "readership."

Social Media and SEO
July 7, 2011

Why, a publisher asked me in response to my last blog post, do I really need social media?  What is all the excitement about?  And what am I missing?

As the Apple Turns ....
January 5, 2011

Things are going poorly for magazines and the iPad. This does not surprise me, and it’s not a cause for permanent concern.

Single Copy: The Sexiest Thing Going
August 5, 2010

In the world of selling magazines to customers, newsstand is the unpredictable relative, the circulation no one wanted to think about, let alone talk about. Eccentric, hard to get along with, sometimes ravishing, other times completely missing the point. Circulators roll their eyes when talking about newsstand, and say, we just can’t control it. Thanks to the iPad, single copy sales have risen to an unprecedented estimation in people’s eyes. All of a sudden newsstand, or more appropriately the digital newsstand, is all that.
Why is this? Because iTunes is built on the one-off model.

The New, Simple, Easy, Fool-proof Method for Any Magazine’s Success
July 8, 2010

For some reason, the latest mantra in the print world is that we have been saved and proven to be forceful and relevant by the success of one title. I actually love the magazine and look forward to getting it each month.  But I am so sick of hearing about the salvation of the magazine industry based on the success of The Food Network Magazine that I am today, here and now, drawing a line in the sand.

The No. 1 Rule in B-to-B Audience Development
September 17, 2009

Publishers always have reserved the right to decide whether a subscriber qualifies to receive a magazine. That's all changed now. You don't qualify your readers any more, they qualify you!