Truth in Advertising: Magazine Statistics, MagNet, MIN and MPA 360
December 1, 2014

As the most recent MagNet reports came in, I started to ponder other recent changes in reporting on the magazine media industry.  You will remember that the Media Industry Newsletter (MIN), which had until recently been chronicling the magazine industry's ad page performance for almost 70 years, was asked to stop tracking and distributing "sold" ad page data to media professionals with its legendary Boxscores. MIN editor-in-chief Steve Cohn reported that publishers were being discouraged from turning over their numbers as the MPA, the Association of Magazine Media, was getting ready to unveil

Like the Ad Industry, Publishing is Often a Load of Bull
October 14, 2014

My Goodness, Rance Crain wrote a terrific, important and timely article directed for the advertising world. And it is just as meaningful for magazine publishers as it is for ad agencies. It's time to stop the Bull. You can take all the surveys you want, but multiples of 25X pass-a-long for every magazine you produce is Bull with a capital "B". It doesn't really happen. 

Making Sense of the Nonsensical Newsstand
June 2, 2014

It has been a very interesting and active week for publishers everywhere. The news of Source Interlink ceasing operation and the release of 6,000 workers is dramatic and traumatic to say the least. To those that track the industry the news of SID closing is not a surprise, but perhaps the speed of the demise was.

It's Not All Good News for Magazine Publishers
April 1, 2014

Sometimes I just have to put the tequila aside and deliver a sobering report to the industry to offset some irrational exuberance.  I do this because I love the magazine media industry, and I don't want anyone to misinterpret the facts and true conditions of our industry.

Publishers: Take a Lesson from the Louvre
March 21, 2014

Today, few premium publishers can compete with the rest of the Internet. But being the most trusted source of news and information for each of its users, and being able to funnel to readers the content that interests and engages them—now that's something.

Top 5 Metrics Every Publisher Should Care About
March 18, 2014

While the mantra of the publishing industry was once "content, content, content," today's refrain might as well be "data, data, data." Sophisticated analytics programs have provided unprecedented amounts of information about readers and their habits across different websites, providing publishers new insights and opportunities to innovate.

REMAG, Revisited: Innovative Couponing Program Completes Three Month Pilot
February 25, 2014

In the midst of the incremental collapse of our antiquated magazine distribution system, there are bright lights here and there, people who are trying out new things, bringing unexpected solutions to the marketplace.

One of them is REMAG, the program that uses coupons to create incentives for recycling magazines. REMAG's program draws together publishers, retailers, packaged goods companies, and the public through its supermarket-based kiosk locations.