If your media organization has a consistently under-performing publication or team, the solution to your problem may be closer than you think. Media consultant and sales expert John French recommends finding new leaders from within the organization to turn around a struggling group. The key, he says, is to identify those individuals who question the status quo and embrace new ideas.

French has been tasked with revitalizing several publishing companies that were in decline, and he says the key to any business turnaround is identifying those within an organization who feel stifled by current management. These individuals are the innovators and future leaders or the organization, says French, and should be given greater responsibility to shape the strategy of the company.

French is co-founder of French LLC., an advisory firm aimed at helping media executives transforming their companies for a digital- and data-driven world. Have a question about media revenue strategies? Send your question to johngfrench@frenchllc.com.


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