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Do Publishers Still Need Native Apps?

December 4, 2012
When Apple released the iPad, media organizations rushed to launch robust native applications for the device. Given the amount of traffic publishers are seeing from mobile-web browsers, coupled with improvements in HTML5, the success of the Financial Times's mobile web app, the difficulties of constantly iterating for new versions of iOS, and the rise of Android and other mobile software platforms, does it make sense for publishers to continue to invest in native apps for tablets and smartphones?...


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Discussion Forum Asks the Question, 'Are Apps the Past?'
October 11, 2012 From Publishing Business Today
The question of the viability of native apps versus html 5 and other web-based digital products was the subject of a session, "Are Apps the Past?" at the Publishing Business Virtual Conference & Expo on Sept. 13.
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The Great Mobile Debate: Native Apps vs. HTML 5
November 12, 2012 From Today @ Target Marketing
By 2017, Swedish mobile phone provider Ericsson estimates that there will be 9 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide, including nearly 3 billion smartphones. With more people than ever accessing information via mobile devices, it’s essential marketers provide mobile-friendly content to multiple devices to reach existing and prospective customers.


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