Guest Columnist: 3 Tips for Getting the Most out of E-Newsletters

With today’s empowered and social-savvy buyers, the one-size-fits-all newsletters that marketers have employed for years are no longer very effective. Customer and prospect expectations are higher than ever, and this means that readers expect tailored, relevant messages delivered at the right time, in the right place and with the right information. Highly relevant, personalized newsletters may seem daunting to marketers being asked to do more with less, but the capabilities within digital platforms give marketers the tools they need to create outstanding communications.

Marketing automation brings newsletter communications to a new level. Below are three tips for getting the most out of newsletter distribution:

Nurture prospects through the sales cycle. Newsletters are frequently used as a touch point in nurturing prospects through the sales cycle. Often, they are a fantastic way to highlight the value your company can bring to the recipient’s business. Popular content areas can include new white papers, tip sheets or eBooks, upcoming webinars, blog posts, videos and upcoming events. One great benefit of a continuous drip nurture featuring newsletter content is that the prospect may find out something about your business offerings that they did not know before, or they will find out about an important upcoming event.

When it comes to content, don’t be afraid to mix both new and repurposed pieces. Some recipients may not have seen a blog post when it originally was posted, so providing links to popular posts is a great way to get more use out of great content. A newsletter is also a wonderful mechanism for recruiting multiple content contributors within your company. Everyone from the marketing team, product developers and the C-Suite can be involved in content creation. Let your prospects see the faces behind your company, humanizing both your content and your business.

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