Esquire’s Latest Interactive Play: The Netpage App

In an effort to bring a new level of interactivity between its print product and the Web, Esquire magazine is partering with a new app called Netpage to allow readers to seamlessly clip and share any part of the print magazine via smartphone, as well as make purchases through the app.

The partnership is Esquire‘s latest effort to bring digital tools to print subscribers as the magazine seeks a “best of both worlds” combination of premium advertising and increased audience for rich media and e-commerce. It also brings publicity to a magazine known for its penchant for creating buzz with cutting-edge experiments like augmented reality and its 2008 e-ink cover.

“Every bit of the magazine can be recognized by the app and saved on readers’ smartphones as a high-resolution pdf,” suitable for clipping, posting and Tweeting, according to the Wall Street Journal. This restores on the digital plane one of the traditional appeals of print, recently revived by the success of magazines on Pinterest, where favorite bits and pieces of magazines can be saved and shared.

Click here to read yesterday’s Wall Street Journal article on the subject.

– James Sturdivant

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