Marketfish Sets New Industry Standards for Clean Data

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Integration With LeadSpend, impressionwise Helps List Marketing Leader Change the Data Hygiene Game

(Press Release) SEATTLE — JULY 26, 2011 — Marketfish, a self-service lead generation platform for list marketing, today announced two important partnerships that are helping it commit to the best data hygiene practices in the list marketing industry. By combining forces with LeadSpend’s email validation technology and impressionwise’s online messaging analytics, Marketfish will clean data in real time before campaigns are sent out, ensuring maximum inbox delivery and exceptional campaign performance. Advertisers will be able to reach the exact prospects they want without sacrificing email best practices. Specifically, these partnerships will ensure that a larger proportion of advertisers’ target audiences will receive the intended emails, while the percentage of emails that go to the wrong people or to bad addresses will be reduced or eliminated.

“Marketfish’s priorities are aligned with LeadSpend and impressionwise,” said Dave Scott, CEO of Marketfish. “We feel strongly that clean, permissioned lists are necessary to maintain the viability of the list marketing industry. Together, we are committed to making clean lists a new industry standard.”

The lists provided by Marketfish’s clients are permission-based and opt-in. They comply with the FTC’s CAN SPAM rules, while maintaining a high level of privacy. With LeadSpend and impressionwise integrated into Marketfish free of charge, advertisers will have bad records removed before their campaign is executed. Advertisers will see better campaign performance because of list owners’ positive reputation with internet service providers (ISPs). A higher level of inbox delivery will result in increased campaign open and click rates.

“LeadSpend is committed to helping Marketfish revolutionize the list management industry by providing transparency and efficiency to the industry,” said Craig Swerdloff, LeadSpend CEO. “Using data hygiene best practices, Marketfish clients will maximize ROI by only sending emails to those people most likely to become customers.”

LeadSpend removes invalid email addresses, providing an active, database-free solution for cleaning data. Impressionwise, which signed a comprehensive deal to clean the hundreds of millions of records in Marketfish’s system, removes non-permissioned addresses and spam traps.

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