D. Eadward Tree

D. Eadward Tree

D. Eadward Tree is a pseudonymous magazine-industry insider who provides insights on publishing, postal issues, and print media on his blog, Dead Tree Edition.

How to Niche-ify Your Magazine

The digital natives entering our business have a lesson for us traditionalists: More than ever, printed magazines are the ideal medium for those whom want deep engagement with a specific niche -- and whom are willing to pay for it. Now we just need to learn how to niche-ify our magazines.

Get Ready for Roller-Coaster Postage Rates

A court order Friday will probably mean higher postage costs than expected for publishers next year. But postage rates might actually decrease for a brief period this summer before rising again.

Welcome to what might become known as The Season of Roller Coast Postal Rates.

14 Ways to Enhance the Marketing Power of Printed Magazines

At first glance, a printed magazine seems simple -- too simple to be worth discussing in an issue focused on publishing technologies. After all, a magazine is just a bunch of static pages that can't be updated, tweeted, pinned, interstitialed, linked, liked, clicked, popped up, dissolved, cookied, tracked, hacked, or search-engine optimized.

D. Eadward Tree's 2015 Postal & Paper Price Forecast

If you are trying to budget key price changes for 2015, forget recent history and put away the economics textbook. The monopolistic U.S. Postal Service will forego its usual January rate increase and may have to reduce rates during 2015. But publishers will pay higher prices for paper in spite of—and perhaps because of—federal antitrust regulators' efforts to maintain a competitive market

A Tale of Two Bit.lys

Are these the best of times or the worst of times to be in the magazine business? It depends upon whom you ask. And it depends upon what exactly you mean by "the magazine business." Consider two recent and at first glance diametrically opposed statements about the business from insiders: